Great Things to Do in Quarantine

So we all know that this whole situation isn’t ideal and can get quite frustrating in terms of finding things to do. But fear not, we have compiled a list of great things to do in quarantine! Hopefully this will inspire you to do some great things at home and keep you entertained until this storm blows over!

Here we go:

Grow – In our opinion, this time can and should be used to contemplate what matters to you and to better yourself accordingly; whether that be spending more time with your family, working out more or going on one of many free learning courses on the internet. is a great place to check out free online courses and broaden your horizons.

Workout – We’ve been doing HIIT workouts on Youtube most mornings and we’re feeling a lot better for it! Exercising releases all of the good chemicals your body and mind needed to stay healthy. There’s a lot of great workouts that only take 10-15 minutes and most of us can spare that during this time. We’d recommend checking out Jordan Yeoh – or Pamela Reif – on YouTube for some killer workouts!

Check out our post on our favourite workouts below:

Yoga/Stretching – Tom Merrick – has absolutely changed our lives for the better. We’ve been following our workouts out with either Yoga or Stretching and in just a month of us being at home have both seen vast improvements in our flexibility & mental state. Yoga is a great way to begin your day and set yourself goals for the said day, plus it’s totally free. We’ve also set ourselves long term goals such as both being able to do the splits which Tom Merrick’s channel is incredible for!

Meditation – We know what some of you are thinking; you can’t relax or focus enough to meditate but we assure you, perseverance is key! We both have the most overactive minds but sitting down for 10 minutes can really change your outlook on life. It helps us to take a little time off from the daily trials and tribulations of quarantine and to really assess what is important right now – staying safe, our families and each other! Guided meditation on YouTube may leave you feeling a little silly at first as we both did but having a positive mental attitude and sticking with it will pay off.

Bake – There’s nothing better to us than the smell of fresh baking; it just instantly fills you with all of the good feelings doesn’t it? We have found that on the days when we bake something, we tend to be much more productive and we think it’s because we’re using our hands to create something. Even if you’re not an avid baker, give it a go! Even if you fail (we’ve made some very questionable cookies and loaves of bread) it’s still a ton of fun and a chance to improve at something you might not do in your regular daily life!

Video Games – So Mik happens to be a total video game fanatic and we’ve both been playing a ton of video games together! Baldur’s Gate (a Dungeons and Dragons style RPG) has been our faves but we’re soon moving on to some Lord of the Rings. Wanna know what’s better than slaying loads of orcs by yourself? Slaying them with your partner! If you have any old gaming consoles lying around, why not switch one of them on, get a couple of controllers out and forget the real world for a little while!

Start Learning a Language – Duolingo how we love you! It’s a totally great language learning app that we’ve both been using over the last month that is incredible! You get a real sense of accomplishment as you work through the tasks and increase your levels in certain language skills and we personally can’t think of a better time to do pick up a new life skill for yourself while there’s isn’t that much to do! It isn’t easy but what’s life without a challenge!?

Get Creative & Experiment – This could range from anything to cooking up a storm in the kitchen or experimenting with your partner in the bedroom! At this present moment, we’ve never had so much time to really get the creative juices flowing and explore new avenues. We’ve personally been branching out with everything while we have the opportunity to and we think you should too!

Plan your Travels for when Lockdown ends! – If you’re travel lovers like us, why not start planning now to give yourself something to look forward to? We know of course that not everyone is earning a proper wage at the moment and we’re in the same boat but it can’t hurt to think about where you want to go in the world can it? We’re sure we’re all gonna need a holiday after spending so long cooped up!

Read a Book – Our library is open! Why? Because Reading is Fundamental! It’s actually the best way to unwind and get off of your phone before bed. Studies say that not looking at screens an hour or two before you go to sleep (as long as possible ideally) will help you get a better sleep which in turn will mean you wake up feeling revitalised and ready to tackle another day in quarantine!

Relax – Our final point; we really hope that everyone is making the most of this downtime as a chance to relax. It’s a very stressful time for everyone, especially key workers and hospital staff (we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!) so we encourage you, whether you’re working at the moment or not, to really use this epidemic as a chance to unclog your mind!

One last thing that we must mention – Stay at Home and Stay Safe! Not only for your own health but for those most vulnerable at the moment. We can’t stress the importance of this enough!

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