20 Daily Affirmations

Hey y’all! So lately we have noticed a rising trend in the use of daily affirmations, whether or not you have used them before, they are becoming the number one way to increase your mood and battle signs of negative thinking. We don’t know why they are increasing, but we think it has something to do with being stuck in the house all day (don’t worry quarantine has got us down on some days too) without the positive reinforcement of socialising and the healing benefits of nature. Our post is designed to educated you a little on affirmations and give you twenty to try at the end!

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So what are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive thoughts we say out out loud to ourselves everyday, whether it be as soon as we wake up, during that five minute break from the screen or when we are trying to to get to sleep. They are sentences that are supposed to foster a positive thought pattern and set you up for the day, or try to relax you at night.

What are they good for?

According to psychologists, the constant repetition of certain positive thoughts are supposed to help us re-programme our subconscious mind. Effectively pushing out the negative and reinforcing the positive, which then leads to creating or manifesting the reality we want to live in.

Where did they come from?

Affirmations were somewhat popularised by Emile Coue, a nineteenth century French Psychologist and Pharmacist. He introduced this positive autosuggestion to the patients he was trying to look after, he would also suggest to his patients to convince themselves that the medication they were taking would improve their health (sounds a bit dodgy right?) but what he saw were vast improvements to their health.

Now some might argue (rightly so) that affirmations date back later than Emile Coue, to the beginning of Buddhism in the sixth century BC, which uses the sanskrit language during their meditation processes. During these meditative states, the monks would often chant mantras (similar to affirmations) in order to bring positivity into the world.

No matter where they come from, we’re happy they are around because we say some of these affirmations we have either come up with ourselves or found on some obscure internet site, have helped us greatly, especially during the laborious task of quarantine.

Now before we show you them, here’s how to use them.

Step One: Pick up to three sentences from the list.

Step Two: Repeat said sentences, either in your mind or out loud with your eyes closed and deep breaths.

Step Three: Believe in yourself and what you can manifest with these statements.

Step Four: Repeat as many times as you want a day, but make sure you do this at least once a day for as long as you want!

Here’s the list!

  1. I am Enough
  2. I am Strong and Beautiful
  3. I am Grateful for…(list of 3 things you are currently grateful for)
  4. I am my own hero
  5. I Love…(list of 3 things you are currently grateful for)
  6. I am constantly working toward my goals
  7. Everyday is a blessing
  8. I stand up for myself
  9. Everything happens for a reason
  10. All I need is the air in my lungs to have myself a good day
  11. This is just the beginning
  12. Greatness is a talent I possess
  13. Nothing will tear me down
  14. Pain is only temporary
  15. I accept myself
  16. I am success
  17. Life is full of everything I need
  18. Happiness is all around me
  19. I am healthy and happy
  20. I am independent and full of life.

Now don’t forget to choose up to three, or more if you want and repeat these phrases to yourself everyday! Hopefully (by no means are we doctors of any kind) you will see an improvement in your mental health!

Thank you again for taking the time to read our article on affirmations and while you’re here, why not check out our post on great workouts to do in quarantine?

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