Our Top Horror Films

Hey guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to read our list of our top horror films, hopefully there is one or several on the list that you haven’t watched or will give you something to cry over! (Joking, we hope you won’t cry (much)). So check the list out and don’t forget to follow us on our socials below!

So this is something a bit different from our normal posts but during quarantine, we’re all watching a bit more TV than we’d like to admit and anything goes really! We’re absolute horror fanatics and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite gruesome films. So if you love horror films, or just need inspiration for something to watch then read the list below!

Silent Hill – Our absolute favourite horror film out there, we’ve both played the video games on the original PlayStation and been obsessed with this eerie world for a long time. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched this film together, it’s a bit of a go-to choice for us when we’re having a cuddle! If you haven’t seen it, definitely give it a watch. It’s very atmospheric and some of the ghoulish creations in the film are very disturbing! And who doesn’t love Sean Bean?

Hereditary – One of our favourite horror films that’s come out in the last few years, we were horrified at some of the scenes in this. We’re fans of atmospheric horrors that leave you feeling a bit weird at the end of it as opposed to jump scares so look no further than Hereditary for these kind of feelings! If we could describe it in a word – terrifying. There’s a few scenes where we literally recoiled in horror. A defining movie for the horror category in our opinion!

Hush – Hush could be defined as a horror/thriller, following a woman’s desperate struggle to survive an onslaught during a night of terror. The story isn’t anything majorly groundbreaking but the way the film attaches you to the main character is phenomenal. You quickly end up rooting for her and wishing you could be in the film to help her out. Featuring one of our favourite actresses, Kate Siegel who has also appeared in one of our top horror series as Theo – The Haunting of Hill House. Please give it a watch, it’s full of tension and suspense!

The Descent – Following a group of adventurous ladies who we see abseiling down into a cave, something quickly goes wrong. The women soon realise they have made a massive mistake as accidents start to happen and they find themselves trapped down in the cave. The worst part is… they’re not alone down there. A crescendo of events occurs and forces some serious decisions to be made and none of them are easy. The monsters that they face are truly disturbing. We would recommend!

Get Out – We’re sure even if you’re not a horror fan, you’ll have heard of this film. Jordan Peele’s directorial debut in the horror genre, this does not disappoint. We follow a young couple with everything seemingly being fine as they make their way to the woman’s parents house in a rather secluded location in the woods. Odd things happen and you’re left screaming for our main protagonist to leave the house immediately. It has horror, comedy, social commentary (discussing creed and race divides) and honestly something for everyone. 10/10!

The Blair Witch – A true ground-breaker in the horror genre, utilising the ‘personal camera’ point of view in horror films. Being 90’s babies, we were far too young to watch this when it came out and to be honest, we’re glad we waited until an appropriate age! A group seeks to discover whether or not a myth within the woods is true. Some very chilling scenes reside within this film and the entire thing left us looking over our shoulders and actually feeling itchy afterwards. It is absolutely a cult classic and if you haven’t seen it thus far, please give it a watch!

Black Christmas – A film that incorporates festive feels with murder and some suspicious cookies. Based around a sorority house that was once home to a series of brutal murders, the girls soon find out they aren’t alone during the festive season and their survival over the night is going to be a tough ride.

Annihilation – One of the most recent films to come out on this list, we were blown away by how gripping it was! It has a massive cast including one of the most talented, enchanting actresses: Natalie Portman. A strange veil of unknown origin has appeared in which when people enter, they don’t seem to return. Without giving too much of the plot away, a crack-squad of women enter the veil and to cut a long story short, surrealism is where this movie shines. It inspires feelings of desperation and hopelessness for our team who try and push through, to no avail. We absolutely loved this gem of a movie!

Scream – The ultimate 90’s Slasher, the film that inspired so many spoofs (one of our comedy favourites, Scary Movie) and so many Halloween costumes! Nev Campbell really killed it in this film and the film itself is on the verge being a horror/whodunnit flick. So many twists and turns and a film that really revived a dying portion of the horror genre back to life! Courtney Cox is a queen!

Resident Evil – Mik had to put this one on here, he’s absolutely obsessed with the Resident Evil franchise, particularly the video games, so this holds a lot of nostalgia for us! This is another one we’ve watched a lot. It’s an easy watch, with lots and lots of zombies (WE LOVE ZOMBIES)! The Red Queen’s ‘You’re all going to die down here’ is truly iconic and there’s so much action packed into the film, it gets intense. We love it and we hope you will too!

Dawn of the Dead (Remake) – George A. Romero is a true horror genius! We told you, we really do love zombies! The whole thing is quite believable (if zombies were real) and the opening scenes are powerful, seeing the lead character lose her husband almost instantaneously, only to be chased by his undead form moments later. The cast is great and we think the best (and most depressing) things that this film points out is human nature; many of the characters in the film only seem to look out for number one and that in turn, ends up getting some of the other survivors killed. It’s a scary look at a dystopian and luckily fictitious society.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original) – Something about this film just gives us the creeps, even typing this we’re picturing Leatherface… The original beats the remake for us as it there’s something about the sound quality not being the best and a little tinny that really makes the screams in the film super blood-curdling. Based around a true story which gets your imagination running wild and makes it even more scary than a regular horror flick. Truly gory from start to finish but the scene in the meat locker really put us on edge. A classic!

The Evil Dead (Remake) – this film is in a league of its own. It follows a group of young adults taking a trip to a distant cabin in the woods in order to help the main protagonist get over her drug problem. Not so long into their trip an odd book is found which soon unleashes a problematic force of evil. It doesn’t take long before things starting going dramatically wrong and extremely gory. Give this a watch if you want to be scared and disturbed!

Rec/Quarantine – Both films follow pretty much the exact story line, but Rec was made in 2007 being a Spanish film and Quarantine being only made a year later just based in America. The story starts when a journalist is covering a nights work at the local fire department when an urgent call is placed regarding a city apartment block. They soon attend and after finding some rather disturbing evidence that there is some Supernatural/Zombie (depending which film you watch) actions taking place they decide to leave, but they can’t as the government/military department has quarantined the building, now they must fight to survive. A real nail biter, so watch one or other or both to see which you prefer!

If you’ve managed to read this far down the list, thank you very much! If you enjoyed the post, why not check out our post on the best things to do in quarantine below:

Hopefully you’ll be able to watch a few of these films, leave a comment below and we’ll discuss more horror films to watch!

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Matt & Mik!

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