8 Great Workouts to do in Quarantine

Quarantine is not the best situation as it means a load of spare (sometimes even boring) time on our hands. We’ve been working out from home loads and we’ve compiled a list of our top killer home workouts below!

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Jordan Yeoh Fitness’ [Level 3.5 10 Minute Intensive Fat Burning (easy, normal, hard) – This one is our absolute fave, it’s 10 minutes, it gets your heart pumping and works your entire body. The best thing about it is that as it’s 10 minutes, you can easily do this once a day (maybe even twice)! We both sweat so much when we do this workout and it’s great and if you have time, try to pair it with the three workouts below this one.

V Shred’s 8 Minute V Cut Abs Workout (DO THIS FROM HOME!) – Vince at V Shred is an absolute monster and one of our fitness heroes. This workout is incredible and really focuses on your obliques and abs. Less than 2 minutes in and we’re both getting some serious burn. It’s only 4 exercises repeated twice with breaks in between each set and literally takes up 8 minutes of your time. There’s no excuse!

Pamela Reif’s 12 MIN LEG WORKOUT – Butt, Thighs, & Calves // No Equipment | Pamela Reif – Another one of our home workout heroes, Pamela truly is unrelenting in helping you attain your fitness/health goals. Be warned though, this workout doesn’t feature any rests and is 12 minutes straight which doesn’t seem hard but half way through you’ll be in pain (if you’re out of shape like us)! Push through the pain and feel the burn, it’s worth it!

Criticalbench’s 10 Minute HIIT Body Weight Workout | Upper Body Fitness – This is one that we have been doing at least twice a week, the Pike Push Up’s are intense. It’s an upper body workout with a big focus on core and shoulders and we always finish the workout totally drained (in a good way)! Again, another short workout which means it’s best paired with other things rather than just your main workout.

V Shred’s 15 Minute Full Body Calorie Burn (SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE) – Vince’s second appearance on the list and we WISH we had bodies like his… This workout is just as it says, simple & effective. You’ll really get some calories burning with this workout that consists of 40 seconds of 5 exercises with 20 seconds rest in between each one. The only slight downside is that you’ll have to repeat the video a couple of times to do the full 15 minutes but that’s only a slight inconvenience to a fantastic full body workout!

The Body Coach TV’s 15 Minute Fat Burning HIIT Workout | No Equipment | The Body Coach – Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) has changed so many lives over the world since quarantine began with his P.E with Joe series. But this workout from a few years ago is our go to when we want to sweat! You’ll be gasping for breath doing the moving mountain climbers! This workout has a lot of variety and is a great way to kick your morning off!

Jordan Yeoh Fitness’ Build Big Arms Without Any Equipment – This is a bit different to the other workouts on this list as it’s not a HIIT workout and more of a guide on how to increase your arm size. Jordan talks about correct posture and which body parts to talk about to maximise your workout! There are exercises within this video but it’s nice to have a break from all the HIIT workouts and do something at a slightly slower pace. This feels like going to the gym at home!

Pamela Reif’s 10 MIN UPPER BODY WORKOUT – Back, Arms & Chest / No Equipment | Pamela Reif – Another great workout and our final one on the list, we bloody love upper body if you couldn’t tell! What we love about this workout is that Pamela really focuses on target areas in succession, there’s a particularly challenging part involving shoulder circles (forward and backward) and flappy birds and it really takes it out of you!


We never finish our workout without a good stretch so we wanted to include both a Flexibility & Yoga video that we love too as a little bonus!

Tom Merrick’s 20 Minute Beginner Flexibility Routine V2! (FOLLOW ALONG) – This one is great for getting all those aches and knots out of your muscles and as it says on the tin, improve your flexibility! We’ve been doing this for just over a month since we’ve been back and have noticed some serious changes (we’re still not near a middle split or death drop yet so unfortunately the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK auditions will have to wait…)! But we’re persevering towards our goal and it’s super relaxing and good for you regardless of whether you have a flexibility goal in mind.

Yoga With Adriene’s Sunrise Yoga – 15 Min Morning Yoga Practice – Yoga With Adriene – Adriene is an incredible Yogi with the most soothing voice and guided routines that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, stretched out and ready to tackle the day ahead. Her dog Benji is adorable and an added bonus in some of the videos for us dog lovers! On the days we don’t do our flexibility routine, we love a bit of Yoga and if you’ve never tried it, now is the perfect time to whack out your best downward dog and give it a whirl!

SO why not give one of these bad boy/girl vids a go and let us know in the comments below which ones you’ve tried!

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