How to Travel During Quarantine

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So we’re all pretty much in lock down and self isolating. It’s frustrating and we just want to get out, we’re in the same boat, we feel you. So how do we get around that and to be finally living more of a free life? Well we have the answers below…

Our first step?

1. DON’T

Simple, isn’t it? Just do not do it. If you were to look back on where you had been in the last month would you be proud of yourself?

2. Refer to step number 1.

Yes, we couldn’t emphasise the importance of it more. Yes, we know it’s hard but the more you stay in and avoid others, the quicker all of this will be over, we need to band together to protect medical staff, protect your neighbours and protect your families by NOT travelling.

3. So SOME travel is necessary, we understand.

Refer to your governments websites on current travel advice in your area. This is usually restricted to travel to and from work for key workers only. One hour of outdoor exercise per person and necessary travel only.

4. Travel locally only when NECESSARY!

Deliver food to your frail neighbour, go and buy food for your household and walk your dogs if you don’t have a garden. But, STOP going and seeing your mates at an acceptable social distance for a cup of tea and a catch up in the front garden, STOP doing the conga line down your street (Yes we’ve seen the news report) and STOP cycling with your pals because you miss them and fancy catching up. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY TRAVEL. We understand, we feel you and it’s getting hard. But the more you do this, the longer this is going to go on for. You are not above the law.

5. If you do need to go to a supermarket, protect yourself.

So it’s a respiratory disease right, that’s spread through fluids that are either on surfaces or floating in the air and you want to walk around a supermarket containing dozens on potentially infected people without a face mask on? You don’t even carry hand sanitiser in your pockets? Just do us all a favour and don’t even bother. Wear a face mask and sanitise your hands, you bunch of cretins. Also, if you feel the need to wear latex gloves, DISPOSE OF THEM PROPERLY. DO NOT LEAVE THEM ON THE FLOOR OR IN TROLLEYS FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO PICK UP.

6. Again, refer to point number one.

We’ve seen countless people flouting this simple rule and its bloody obvious. Stop being stupid and stay at home.

So there we have it guys, 6 simple steps on how to travel during quarantine! We hope these have helped you loads!

We know this is probably not the article you were aiming to read, but let’s be honest, we aren’t above the law either and we want this to end just as much as you. We want it to be over so we can get back out there and travelling with all the freedom in the world and we want to see you out there too, but just activate your brain and for the mean time just stay home, save lives and protect everyone around you.

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