Our Top ASMRtists (on YouTube)

During this troubling time, we don’t seem to be sleeping too well so we’ve been listening to a lot of ASMR at night to help us nod off. ASMR helps us with anxiety and stress so if you haven’t heard of it, give it a whirl! There are way more than 10 ASMRtists that we’re obsessed with but we wanted to give our faves and hope you’ll find them useful.

Just as a precursor to this post, none of the videos or content we have linked on this post were made by or belong to us.

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Lily Whispers ASMR – Lily is, in our opinion, the best of the best! She has a whole host of different types of ASMR, ranging from mouth sounds, role plays and many more but the reason she tops this list is for her Unsolved Mysteries series. We find ‘cold cases’ particularly interesting and the time and detail that Lily puts in to each case astounds us. The nature of the series can obviously be slightly distressing as the cases are often quite sad but they’re super informative and Lily really shines a light on cases that are less well known.

The incredible Lily, whom we owe a lot of tingles to!

ASMR Node – Node is second on this list as he does a TON of roleplay videos and he’s a really good actor in addition to having tingle-inducing skills down to a tee. He is the king of variety and we’d really recommend watching his Tony Wants His Money series as an introduction to him as it’s Node at his best (in our opinion). He’s been collaborating with the third person on this list a lot lately which is amazing for us!

Angelica – Angelica is arguably the most creative ASMRtist on this list, her range of videos is odd, it pushes boundaries, and in our opinion is hilarious! She’s clearly very bright and innovative and it really shows in her content. There has been huge progress in Angelica’s subscriber count in the last year and we can really see why! For some classic Angelica, we recommend watching her Spanglish Doctor video below. P.S. entonces.

easyASMR – Our Slovak friend with only half a face (he never shows the top half of his face in his videos) is a great and slightly lesser known ASMRtist. He does a lot of experimental ASMR, working with various different objects in his pursuit for the perfect sound. We personally love his Slovak speaking and ‘Nature’ videos where he walks around outside (especially at the moment when we can’t leave the house!). See below for some Nature Triggers!

ASMRTheChew – Spirit is a total queen! The reason she’s a little lower on this list is because a lot of people have a total phobia to listening to people eat and normally we do too (people that smack their food in public aren’t the one) but there’s something about Spirit’s passion for combining ASMR and food that just makes it work. She’s at her best when doing something like the video below:

anoASMR – The true leader of the Fast ASMR category, Ano smashes out so many triggers in so little time. He does everything from ramble videos to Q&A’s, trigger sounds to barbershop roleplay’s and all very effectively. Most of his videos are in English but where he truly shines is when he speaks his native language; Spanish. ASMR in a language we can’t speak really seems to calm and relax us loads for some reason, do you agree on this?

asmr zeitgeist – The most sleep inducing German ASMRtist on the entirety of YouTube who has a voice that just melts your stresses away and some seriously cute animations on his channel. He puts so much into his craft and you can really tell in the quality of his content, constantly putting out hours worth of ASMR per upload. The only problem we have with his videos is that we never make it past the 10 minute mark as they’re so relaxing that we end up falling asleep (which we guess is the aim)! He’s only done one full German speaking video so far but it’s our favourite and we must’ve watched it at least 100 times.

Cardi B – So sadly this last one is a joke as it’s only been a one time thing but please make some more Cardi! If you’re a fan of ASMR, we can’t recommend the video she did with W Magazine more, she really has a natural talent for it! We’re thinking she’s so good at it because she has great breath control being a rapper but we’re not sure if there’s any science behind it. Seriously though, give it a watch!


So we want to recommend some of the best headphones to listen to ASMR with. We’ve tried several and these two are the best for us, depending on what you are doing of course!

  1. Over ear headphones

These are great for a casual listener, whether you’re listening while you’re meditating or just chilling in bed, they cancel external noise well so you get a crisp listening experience, click the picture below to check them out!

2. Sleep Headband

So the clue is in the name, just put the band on over you head or use it as an eye mask too, connect your phone via bluetooth and play your fave ASMRtist. These are so cheap and comfortable and so easy to fall asleep in! Click the pic below to check them out on Amazon!

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Thanks so much for taking the time to check out this post and we hope you’ve found some new ASMRtists to check out or just discovered ASMR in general! For more like this, check out our Lifestyle category and give us a follow here and on our other socials.

Stay Safe & Much Love,

Matt & Mik

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