13 Travelling Must Haves

Okay, so there are probably going to be some extensive lists already out there that have been written by pretty established travellers and bloggers already. So why read ours? Well because we’ve narrowed it down to only 13 items, now these key items will help you out considerably while travelling. Whether your a solo traveller, travelling in a couple or taking that much needed gap year, our list is designed to help you out so you can really enjoy travelling.

Now before we get started, you may get through the list and think ‘oh so they missed this item off’ or ‘what noobs, how could they forget that!’ and to be honest you may be right. But at the end of that day, you already know to take that item so why are you reading this list then ey? Haha only kidding, let us know in the comments below and if we agree, we can add it on!

Let’s get started!

1. Fanny Pack/Backpack

So this one’s pretty obvious and you didn’t really need to come here to figure this one out. But let’s talk as to why they are important. Backpacks are SO handy when it comes to travelling. We have taken so many fully day or half day excursions in the past without one and we have regretted it so much! You can put all your key items in there for your trips purpose, e.g swimwear, change of outfit for that cool Insta photo, towels, water bottles, camera equipment and so on. You’ll see most travelers with their big packs on their backs and small backpacks latched onto their front, so take a hint and buy one! With the fanny pack, this is also important for the simple feeling of security. You can put all of your personal items such as money, passport and phone in here and it’ll more than likely stay safe. Here is a couple we recommend:

2. Reusable Water Bottles

Now if your green fingered and as eco-conscious as us you will already have one. But you might not think about taking it with you while travelling, but we say TAKE IT! Why? A lot of hostels and hotels offer free drinking water, so by investing in your own bottle you don’t have the laborious task of heading to the local supermarket twice a day to buy more. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but you’ll be helping the planet by not purchasing and disposing of plastic water bottles every day. Here is a couple we recommend to buy before you fly!

3. Travel Locks

Again, some of you will already have these to put on your luggage for the airport. But we would definitely take a spare too. Not only do these little bad boys give you peace of mind when your are actually on the road, but what we quickly realized was that most hostels do NOT supply these, or you will have to pay to use one for your time there in order to use the lockers as you normally would. We like to think that the world is full of like-minded people, but we have heard of some bad horror stories when it comes to hostel thievery, now go and get yourself one before you set off!

4. Phone

Okay, this ones obvious too. We all have a phone without the need to buy another one. What we do recommend here though is this. Upgrade. We unfortunately were caught out mid trip with no storage left on our devices. So having to painstakingly delete other content from our phones every time we needed to download or take videos was heart braking. So make sure you have enough memory on that bad boy. Another thing, make sure you do research on the country you are visiting to find out popular apps you can download and create a profile with before leaving. For instance Grab in Asia is the perfect one to download. Another thing you’ll definitely need is a universal charger with multiple USB points! Here’s a phone and adapter to mull over:

5. Camera/Equipment

One of the things we regretted most was not investing in a good quality camera before jetting off. Why? Because the photos you take will last a lifetime, so why not make your photos the best quality you can make them. Of course it’ll take a while before you master all the setting on a complicated DSLR camera, but that’s all part of the fun learning. So if you have the funds, pick one up before you go! We highly recommend the Canon DSLR 4000D, it’s a great beginners camera and comes with an amazing 18-55mm lens for around £300, which is SUPER cheap and it’s super light too so it won’t weigh your luggage down or wreak havoc on your back when walking around. So invest in one of these, learn a new skill and enjoy the art of photography.

6. Headphones

We all have these too, but if you’re like Mik and forever breaking them we would suggest buying a quality pair before you go away. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to sleep in a mixed bed dorm and someone two beds down is listening to some obscure conspiracy documentary on YT on near full volume. So don’t be that person. They also make long bus journeys more tolerable too, so trust us when we say, don’t forget these! We would suggest wire headphones and over the ear ones take up too much room in your baggage and you’re probably going to need as much room as possible!

7. Books

Some of you may not be book worms like Matt, but trust us when we say, buy a book. This can be any genre of book you like but just bring one! Not only will it get you off your phone screen for a while, but it will educate and enlighten you, depending on the book of course. Here are a couple of travel books we would suggest you read anyway!

8. Games

Card games, you’ll see them everywhere when you’re travelling. It’s a universal language that everyone enjoys and when there is beer involved you’ll end up having some of the best memories. A deck of cards is also an ice breaker too, you’ll get to know your roomies without the boring and stale question of ‘so how long have you been travelling for?’. We also recommend taking a slightly different game too, we took a game travelling called ‘Unstable Unicorns’ and everyone that we taught it to fell in love with it. So buy it now before you go (trust us on this one).

9. Eyemask/Earbuds/Neck Pillow

So you might have the trifecta of sleeping equipment already and if you’ve used them while travelling before then you know how good this combo is. But if you don’t and you’re heading off on a six month circuit around Asia, you’ll regret it big time! The Neck Pillow is essential for overnight buses and trains, a lot of the time they will not supply you with pillows and your neck will hate you the next morning if you don’t bring your own. Eye Masks are essential for everywhere you sleep. More often than not the dorm lights are turned on in the middle of the night and bus safety lights will disturb your sleep. Last buy not least, ear buds. We couldn’t sleep without them, there seemed to be a resident snorer in every hostel in every room and it’d always be the person you least expected (often made us giggle through the lack of sleep). So yeah, if you’re reading this and you don’t have them, BUY THEM NOW!

10. Micro-fibre Towel

This was a lifesaver. Some hostels do not supply towels unless you pay extra for them and if you are a budget traveller like us you don’t want the extra expense. Micro fibre towels are so handy, they are thin (they feel a little weird at first)so they fold up real small so they don’t take up much room and they dry super bloody quickly too. The only thing we recommend is fully drying them out before packing them away other wise they can end up smelling really bad!!!

11.Comfy Trainers

Honestly. You’ll only ever end up wearing a maximum of three pairs of shoes. Trainers, flip flops and ‘going out’ shoes. Before we start on the comfy trainers, ‘going out’ shoes compromises of lets say a pair of vans or converse, not smart boat shoes or leather monk straps. But more often than not, you’ll only ever wear one pair of trainers for most things you do, probably because your other shoes are at the bottom of your bag and you are not digging through all those clothes again! We feel you. But spend a little more on a pair before you go and wear them in a little too! Here’s a pair we would buy (one for men and women)!

12. Vitamins/Meds/Bug Spray

We’re sure your over protective mother or nutty aunt has purchased these for you for your travelling adventure and they are right to. Meds such as paracetamol, antacids and allergy tablets are a must, Sometimes they are difficult to get a hold of and are expensive out there! If you do find a pharmacy, then stock up! Multi-Vits are good to, not only will they help to combat a hangover, but your diet will go out the window and you’ll eventually be run down at some point. So to make sure you enjoy every day and take these with you, they’ll help! Bug Spray (with DEET) is something we would suggest stocking up on. If you run out and you’re on some far flung island we guarantee you’ll end up paying four times the amount for it than you would AT HOME!

Oh and also, hand sanitiser!!!!!

13. Sense of Adventure!

So you are going travelling to find a sense of adventure and find yourself and avoid ‘real adult duties’ back home and to be honest, same here. One of things that we suggest is to be as adventurous and spontaneous as possible. Say yes to everything and go on that bar crawl, say yes to jumping off the twenty foot pontoon and say yes to that second pizza of the day. Just go out there, get lost and find yourself immersed in a new world, you’ll end up having the best time of your life! Now go and book that plane ticket!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post about the top 13 things to take travelling! If you enjoyed it don’t forget to follow our socials below!

Matt & Mik 🙂

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