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So following our list of horror films you must watch we decided to create another list of our favourite types of film, Mythology.

I mean, who doesn’t love mythology? Films like this just take you back to your childhood and get you excited about not focusing on real life for a couple of hours. Whether it’s Hercules fighting monsters, Thor smashing giants or Frodo trying to destroy that annoying ring, films like these are an easy go to and will always, without fail entertain you.

So without further ado, here are twenty films that you can look back to any time if you’re ever stuck in a Netflix search spiral, saying that not all of these films are on Netflix. Sorry about it.

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1. Clash of the Titans (2010)

So Clash of the Titans, a remake of the 1981, Desmond Davis directed film follows the story of Perseus. He see’s his parents murdered by Hades and tries to exact his revenge by foiling Hades’ plan to sink the city of Argos. This remake has bought the film up to date with a new generation and gives you all the myth, lore, action and adventure you need when you want to get your myth fix.

2. Wrath of the Titans (2012)

This follows on from the Clash of the Titans, and it follow Persues once more when there is a power fluctuation among the gods. Perseus is once more called upon ten years later in order to help. This film provides more action, more gods, creatures and battle scenes. It’s definitely a must watch.

3. Gods of Egypt (2016)

When the Egyptian god Set usurps the throne from Horus, a mortal hero named Bek takes on the task of getting Horus his rightful place among the gods back. The CGI in this film alone is enough to captivate you, the story is well written and will leave you wanting more. In fact we might watch this one tonight after listing it here.

4. Hercules (1997)

So who doesn’t love a disney film? This is one of the few that actually doesn’t involve a princess and in our opinion is what sets it above the rest. This quintessential myth film will give you a good story, songs you can sing along to and silly jokes that will take you back to your childhood. P.S We wouldn’t recommend watching the live remake starring the Rock, its shit and a waste of your time.

5. Troy (2004)

A film based on Homers Epic, the Iliad. It follows a war after the Trojans apparently kidnap Queen Helen, so the Spartans along with the help of Achilles lay siege on the city of Troy. We all know the story to some degree, but you need to watch this film. It’s almost three hours of men squabbling in skimpy clothes with golden tanned skin. It made us gay, so why not go gay and live in this little fantasy for an evening. Trust us, it’s worth it.

6. Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

This golden oldie film follows Jasons great adventure with a team of friends who traverse great landscapes and battle weird and wonderful monsters in Jasons quest for the Golden Fleece. Even if you have seen this film before, the acting and special effects will either creep you out or make you laugh, anyway it’s a great film which is well produced.

7. Thor (2011)

Do we really need to try and convince you to watch this film when Chris Hemsworth does that for you?

8. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

So the story of this film, and its ending is great. Not only is Hemsworth in this too but the story line actually comes from Norse Myth. We see Thor race back from his other wordly prison to get back to Asgard to stop Hella destroying the world. What’s even more creepy is that in Norse myth, Hella is actually the offspring of Loki and so is her captive wolf pet. I won’t tell you how they were created, but Norse myth has a lot of weird shit happening in it.

9. Beowulf (2007)

So this animated film is stunning. The graphics for the time were amazing and story is compelling. It follows the story of Beowulf, who takes on the challenge or killing the giant Grendel, who’s mother is a water witch and voiced by Angelina Jolie., this scene between Beowulf and the water witch is sublime. A great film to watch on a rainy day.

10. The Mummy (1999/2017)

So both the 1999 film starring Brendan Fraser and 2017 remake starring Tom Cruise are simply great films. They both have similar narratives, undoing the horror of a reanimated Egyptian mummy, they’re not particularly scary but who doesn’t love this kind of stuff? Popcorn at the ready!

11. Cleopatra (1963)

So this film is an absolute classic. Even though it was based on true events and not Egyptian myth, it still has many mythological qualities. It’s a story showcasing her triumphs and tragedies when the Roman Empire claws it’s way into Egypt. Now you don’t need an excuse to watch a Liz Taylor movie, because you know it’s going to be good.

12. Percy Jackson (2010/2013)

There’s nothing more we hate than a bunch of hyped up American teenage kids who run around the country looking odd and flaunting their ‘godly powers’ and this film exudes that. But saying that, we actually enjoyed the story line. It’s kid friendly and easy watching, so if you’ve been drinking too much wine the night before and want to snooze to a half decent film, these two are good for that.

13. American Gods (2017-present)

So this is a TV Series available on Amazon Prime only and it’s so worth a watch. It’s a series based on a character called Shadow Moon (he’s actually a bit annoying tbh) who is suddenly catapulted into the world of gods. It’s a strange one because they’ve taken gods from all around the world and put them all in America, based in the present day and they all look normal and work human jobs to pay the bills. There is a bigger story line than just that I promise you, we’ve only managed two seasons so far and now there’s a third that were not in a rush to watch tbh.

14. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

This film is simply amazing. It’s a take on the adventures of Ulysses from Homers Odyssey but it’s been taken by Ethan Coen and rewritten into a depression era America. Three escapees from Prison run around the country looking for treasure and are pursued by a lofty lawman. If you know the story already then you will see how this has come to define the film. Watch this immediately.

15. Medea (1969)

Maria Callas stars as Medea, a sorceress bought home by Jason after his quest for the golden fleece. But the King has her expelled from the city and she exacts her revenge. A gripping tale.

16. Troll Hunter (2010)

This film has hints of Scandinavian myth in this thriller that follows a group of uni students who decide to investigate a string of bear killings. Little do they know they soon bite off more than they can chew when they bump into a Troll hunter and things become a little too real for them. A strange film, but worth a watch!

17. 300 (2006)

Based on a true story, this follows a group of Spartan men attempt to battle off the invading Persian forces, not really ‘Myth’ then in this case but thought we’d throw this one in here because just like the film Troy, you get to soak up sweaty men in shorts holding their swords and shouting at each other. So sit back, relax and let it flutter.

18. Princess Mononoke (1997)

Ok, so the GIF is a little freaky, but we can assure the film is not. Set in Japan it follows the story of two warriors in the midst of a battle between the forest gods and humans. A truly epic film and because it’s a cartoon made around the time we were kids, it brings back that true nostalgic feeling, perfect to watch with a cuppa, biscuits and the dog cuddled up to you on a Sunday Afternoon!

19. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001, 2002, 2003)

So J.R.R Tolkein wrote an epic series of books and Peter Jackson turned them into an epic series of films. Each one is almost three hours and are perfect to watch on a hangover day. Tolkien was inspired by an eclectic mix of mythology for his tales including Norse, Germanic, Scandi, Icelandic, Pagan and Celtic, if you know your stuff you should be able to pick up a few easter eggs in the films.

20. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

So last but not least is this strange bloody film. Strange but amazing. Set in a war torn Spain in 1944, it follows a young girl who ends up in a fantasy world beyond her comprehension. We remember watching this for the first time and being creeped the F out, but it is actually really enjoyable, grab a glass of wine for this one, you’ll need it!

Well if you made it to the bottom of the list, I’m sure there will be at least one movie in here to keep you entertained for an afternoon! Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed the list, if you have any recommendations for us, drop them in a comment below and we’ll give you our verdict!

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