Self Care While Travelling

Self Care while travelling is no joke, it can be a hugely overwhelming experience overall. We wanted to give our advice on how we coped while travelling*. *We are NOT medical professionals, these are just some of the things we found beneficial to us. Everyone has different states of mental health and hopefully you will know what does/doesn’t work for you to some degree!

So let’s get into our tips and we sincerely hope something on here will benefit you in future.


One of the biggest drawbacks of travelling is not being able to see your friends and family at home everyday. This really takes a toll in the first few weeks especially as you are still adjusting to this new way of life (at least that’s what we found). We recommend staying in contact as much as possible with your loved ones, it doesn’t have to be everyday or event every other day but try at least once a week or whenever you get to a new place. Unless you’re on a really tight schedule in a certain city/area, we found it great to FaceTime our families in each new place. They normally know ways to pick you up when you’re feeling low!


Missing your home comforts is totally natural; your own bed, being able to wash your own clothes, a kitchen etc. Whatever it may be, it is hard to replace it while travelling. Don’t take anything for granted before you get out there as it’s the silliest things that you’ll find yourself missing. To get around this, we say splash out a little on private rooms or event a hotel every now and then for some private time and a chance for a proper, undisturbed sleep.

Socialise –

Luckily for us, we travelled together so we were never fully alone but we can imagine how lonely it could get for solo travellers. It may seem very daunting at first to socialise but remember, most other travellers are in the same boat too! Socialising is a way to beat the loneliness and possible make some long-term travel buddies like we did (we LOVE you all, you know who you are)!

Avoid Alcohol –

So we mention alcohol a fair bit in our posts as we do both love a drink. Everyone needs some downtime from the liquor though, even in social situations that travelling constantly puts you in. Remember that alcohol is both a stimulant & depressant at the same time. If we’re not having a great day or week, the last thing we do is drink because while it may appear to help for a short time, it often does more damage the next day in the form of a hangover. We found that travelling amplified both positive & negative feelings, being absolutely incredible & frightening all at once. Be cautious of what you’re feeling and trust yourself to make smart, safe decisions when it comes to drinking.

Take Downtime –

This is arguably the most important one as travelling is super full on. Most travellers have some itinerary or plan they want to stick before they even get out there! Sticking to your itinerary (especially if it’s a jam packed one) can cause a lot of stress to not only your mind but your body too. We think it’s really important to have days where you just chill, even if that means having a break from your schedule. Be kind to yourself; even though experiencing new things & growing is important, it’s more important to take care of yourself!

Eat Healthily

One that is particularly relevant for us as we love junk food a little too much (mozzarella dippers are our worst enemy)! We tend to comfort eat or want all the ‘bad’, greasy foods when we’re a little down but they’re a double-edge sword. They’re not ‘good’ for you nutritionally & most times you end up feeling like shit due to lack of energy after eating them. Everything should be done in moderation of course and it is super hard to find the perfect balance. We’re not saying don’t eat ‘bad’ foods, we’re just saying for us, we found eating healthier made us feel better in body and mind.

Exercise –

So we’ve spoken about working out while travelling in another post but wanted to touch on it again. It can be quite hard to work out while travelling & often takes a ton of self-motivation. It is so worth it though! Every time we pushed ourselves to go for a fun or do a HIIT workout, we felt heaps better! There is a fine line between motivating and pushing yourself too hard though so don’t overdo it! Exercise releases so many good chemicals and is proven to help you combat the bad feelings so get out there and do your best! See a list of our favourite workouts than can be done anywhere below:

Treat Yourself –

This one has been touched on in the Comfort section but we wanted to elaborate more. If you’re a backpacker, most of the time you’ll be on a budget & unable to splash out on the most expensive meals or accommodation all the time. Sometimes you just need to splash out a little though! So we encourage you to do so, it doesn’t have to be anything bank-breaking but every now and then (when you can afford it of course), treat yourself to something nice! Whether this is accommodation, a great meal or even something non essential like a new piece of clothing. Self-worth doesn’t come from possessions but everyone needs a treat from time to time!

Overall, our tips won’t work for everyone as you’ll know what works for you better than we do. We believe everything in moderation is key & we really hope this post has helped you in some way!

Stay Safe & Much Love,

Matt & Mik

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