11 Top Food Spots in South-East Asia

Are you a foodie like us? Well dig right into some wonderful South-East Asian delicacies with our 11 Top Food Spots in South-East Asia!

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Thai food is absolutely one of our favourite delicacies from across the world! There are just so many amazing dishes from Thailand for all tastes; Thai Curries to Pad Thai’s, Papaya Salad’s and incredible Spring Rolls. The spice in Thai cooking can be a little overpowering though, so take our advice and ask for things mild if you’re not a spice lover.

One of the best Pad Thai we’ve ever eaten. The egg on top really sealed the deal.

Bangkok – Macaroni Club:

We can’t remember how many times we’ve eaten here as we’ve been to Bangkok four times in total, but it’s a lot! The food is absolutely incredible, everything is freshly made & there’s a vegetarian option for every meal on the menu! It’s located on Soi Ram Buttri, just off of the Khao San Road, which is pretty central and you’ll normally be near there at least once in your time in Bangkok. The food is a little pricey on a travellers budget but you’ll enjoy every Baht you spend. The restaurant itself is stunning too with a few little ponds and water features on the main decking, filled with Coy Carp and lots of other pretty fish. Get the veggie Spring Rolls for a mouth watering treat, they really are some of the best in the city! We can not recommend this place enough, please check it out when you visit Bangkok. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g293916-d5074687-Reviews-The_Macaroni_Club-Bangkok.html

Pai – Gyoza Queen:

Just thinking about those Gyoza makes us so so hungry! These were with a doubt the best Gyoza we;ve ever eaten and the best part is, they’re so bloody cheap! There are meat & veggies options on offer but sadly we didn’t spot any Vegan options. At 50 Baht for 6 pieces, you can easily see why we spent 200 Baht on 24 (although they aren’t actually small, we’re just greedy)! Located on the main walking street at the heart of Pai. Get the dipping sauce with your Gyoza but use it carefully as it can be super spicy when lathered over your food. You’d be crazy to miss out on these if you visit Pai!

Koh Tao – Coconut Monkey:

This place is just the shit! Definitely in our top 3 food spots in all our travels. They do so many incredible Veggie & Vegan options and a great mix of Thai & Western food. To top it all off, the staff are absolutely lovely! We would recommend the Vegan ‘Duck’ Pancakes, which are made out of mushroom jerky which is like melting heaven in your mouth! We’d also recommend the Veggie Quesadillas with a side of the famous mushroom jerky added in for good measure (we wish we had the recipe for it)! Meals are a little pricier than your usual Thai eatery but it’s super premium food and worth every penny! Make sure you go here in the morning or afternoon for some great food. Oh, and definitely get the Veggie Breakfast (pictured below) & Salted Caramel Cheesecake if you have a sweet tooth, it’s delish! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g303910-d8787498-Reviews-Coconut_Monkey-Koh_Tao_Surat_Thani_Province.html

The unforgettable Veggie Breakfast at Coconut Monkey.


Laos really did have some amazing, cheap food all over the country. While there are some signature Laotian dishes, there tends to be a focus on Thai curries, Vietnamese noodles and Chinese dishes wherever you eat. The food was great but compared to every other country, it just didn’t hold up as well, so we’re only including one spot here!

Vang Vieng – The Night Market:

Definitely our favourite place to eat in all of Laos with so much to choose from! From Thai Curries, Hot Pots, Laotian Laab & Vietnamese Pho, you really can’t go wrong! It was insane value for money, really tasty and close to everything in Vang Vieng. We paid 20,000 Lao Kips (£2) for big meals there every night, all freshly made in front of us. The atmosphere in the market is great too with a good mix of locals & tourists/travellers. A tip for here would be to eat where you see the locals eating as we found it was the best food. Honestly though, everywhere in the market was great!


We’re unsure of where to start when peaking about Vietnamese food, it’s all so delicious! We discovered some amazing dishes and revisited a lot of old favourites in Vietnam, making it our top pick for food in all of South-East Asia. Pho, Banh Mi, Banh Xeo, GREAT tofu, amazing salads are all on offer here, making it a bit of a paradise for Veggies. It’s an incredible country for food full stop.

We’re gutted we can’t remember the restaurant in Hoi An that we got these. They’re one of a kind though, Bird’s Nest Spring Rolls – YUM!

Hanoi – Bánh Mi 25:

We’re gonna be putting a lot of restaurants from Vietnam in here because they’re too good to miss out! Bánh Mi 25 is no exception and truly began our love affair with the Vietnamese staple. We’ve written about it in our Hanoi post (which we’ve linked below). We have to mention it again though purely for the tofu alone. The Bánh Mi were so cheap here at 30,000-60,000 Dong (£1-2) and really filling with a huge amount of variety in what you can put in your sandwiches. Sometimes, all you want after exploring the streets of Hanoi all day is a great sandich and you’ll find no better than at Bánh Mi 25! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g293924-d7321100-Reviews-Banh_Mi_25-Hanoi.html

Hanoi – The Veg:

More great tofu here, Hanoi was actually a hotspot for Tofu lovers in our opinion. The Veg is a Veggie/Vegan exclusive restaurant overlooking one of the main streets off of Hoan Kiem Lake. We highly recommend the Tofu with sticky peanut satay sauce & the Stuffed Tofu with mushrooms, carrots & courgettes. Everything we saw other people eating looked & smelled unbelievably good though so we don’t think you’d find a bad dish here! It was quite expensive at anywhere from 80,000 to 200,000 Dong for a full meal (£3-7). Bear that in mind as it’s not a place you can afford to visit everyday. Definitely check it out at least once though! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g293924-d12290602-Reviews-The_Veg_Organic_Vego_Tea-Hanoi.html

A delicious and healthy breakfast that we had each morning in hostels all over Vietnam!

Hué – Ganesh Indian Restaurant:

Probably strange to see an Indian restaurant in Vietnam make it on to this list but it was too amazing to leave out. We’re HUGE on Indian food and it’s a tradition of ours to eat Indian food in every country we visit. This one was great though, the Naan bread & Parathas were incredible and the Shahi Paneer we shared was creamy, rich & flavourful. We had an unforgettable meal here with our friends and that’s probably another reason why we loved it so much! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g293926-d8285487-Reviews-Ganesh_Indian_Restaurant-Hue_Thua_Thien_Hue_Province.html

Hoi An – Weaver’s Cafe/The Kebab Shack:

A true British gem of a café, (what us Brits call a greasy spoon, don’t ask us why) in the picturesque Hoi An. The owners have absolutely smashed it with this one (Leann the lady in charge/co-owner was the highlight though)! Maybe it’s a British thing but there’s something about a good ol’ fry up that we all love. They also do amazing kebabs which we’d had on our first visit! Everything was super tasty, some of the ingredients were imported from the U.K. and they had Yorkshire Tea (the best tea in the world) and actual legit Marmite! Marmite was so rare while travelling so this was a total blessing to find it. There’s no better way to set up your day than with a big cooked breakfast (with Veggie sausages of course)! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g298082-d7045638-Reviews-Weavers-Hoi_An_Quang_Nam_Province.html

Ho Chi Minh – Anywhere with Bánh Xéo:

We couldn’t pick one particular restaurant here as wherever we ate, we always got Bánh Xéo (Giant savoury Vietnamese pancakes) and always enjoyed them. Every time we got them, they were great so it seems like most places in the city do it really well! They can have a bunch of different fillings/toppings so go wild but our preferred combo is mushrooms, beansprouts & spring onions. Make sure you try these amazing pancakes if you head to Vietnam!

One of the MVP’s of Vietnamese food, Bánh Xéo. We had no pics of Bánh Mi as they were eaten way too fast to snap!


Cambodia also had some lovely food on offer. We think we’re just obsessed with South-East Asian cooking and they way they put so much time and care into their dishes! There was a few incredible restaurants we had to put on this list below!

A great Penang Curry we had in Cambodia – location unknown sadly!

Kampot – L’Osteria:

We would love to be able to claim finding this one by ourselves but we have to give the credit to our wonderful friends Sam & Jordan. A really tiny little Italian restaurant with just two tables (which means no chance of social distancing sadly). L’Osteria is ran by an Italian man and his Cambodian wife who put a ton of care into sourcing their ingredients & preparing the food! For the quality of the food, you’d be surprised at how cheap it is! Go for wine with your meal as the few Italian wines they had on offer perfectly matched with most of the dishes. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled as the restaurant is so tiny, it’s easy to miss! Find it and you won’t regret it! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g608455-d9708307-Reviews-L_Osteria-Kampot_Kampot_Province.html

Koh Rong – Shanti Shanti Restaurant:

Another Indian restaurant on the list! We Weren’t lying when we said we tried Indian food in each country. Located down a small alley near the main pier on Koh Rong, a small restaurant that you’d only really notice it by the sign by the pier. It was mostly Vegan food with just a few meat options and we both agreed that the Tarka Dal was next level stuff! If you’re heading to Koh Rong & you’re a lover of Indian food, you have to check this out!

So that concludes our favourite restaurants while travelling post! Leave us a comment if you’ve eaten at any of these places and if you have any, please give us some recommendations too!

As always, Stay Safe & Much Love,

Matt & Mik

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