Our 10 Best Travel Experiences

Our Top 10 Travel Experiences

Our 10 Best Travel Experiences wasn’t an easy list to put together as there were so many of them! We wanted to compile a list of things we REALLY loved in the hopes you might do some of them & feel the same!

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Enough of the intro, let’s get into Our 10 Best Travel Experiences now!

PADI Scuba Diving

This was definitely our best travel experience out of all everything. What we loved so much was that it was great fun, educational & something you can progress in. We were lucky enough to do a few fun dives on Koh Rong & then our Open Water Diver course on Koh Tao. Huge shout out to Dave & Kat at Crystal Dive Koh Tao for being the best instructors we could ask for! Over our 7 dives total, we saw some rare & magnificent things, including sea snakes (striped like zebras), rainbow fish (gay icons), puffer fish & barracuda. We’re animal lovers through & through and that doesn’t stop at marine life! Having a respect for all marine life is one of the first, most vital lessons you’re taught when scuba diving. Our aim with diving is to be able to eco-dive to help clear rubbish from oceans all over the world. If you’ve never been scuba diving before, we really encourage you to give it a go! You’ll see some of the most beautiful sights underwater that are humanly possible.

It’s hard to get a nice picture underwater!

Vietnam (Phong Nha) – The Duck Stop

The cutest place we’ve ever been to in our whole lives! If you’re an animal lover like us and visiting Phong Nha in Vietnam, you really must go! We were close to tears feeding the little ducks and seeing them being all playful in their little team. If we could tell you how the trainers there keep them in order, we’d be doing it ourselves but it really is magic. It’s rare to visit a place where such happiness overtakes you but this is a rare place. We went in a group of 6 people and every single one of us left with a beaming smile on our faces! We’ll be talking more in depth about this in our upcoming post on Phong Nha so stay tuned for that one soon! In the meantime, we’ll leave you with some pictures and videos and we hope they’ll bring you the same joy we get from them!


One of the most charming places we’ve been to in our travels! There’re loads of amazing things to do, aside from the obvious of getting a legal high. We were enamoured with the Rijksmuseum in particular, there was so much great art on display! Anne Frank’s house is another harrowing highlight but we’d advise getting there early as the queues are mental. Our absolute top moment from Amsterdam though was getting high in a coffee shop then visiting the Amsterdam Dungeons. It was bloody hilarious seeing everything through green-hazed eyes and the scares were amplified tenfold! If there’s any advice we can give you; don’t eat too many space cakes too quickly! Matt advises against what he did; eating three because he ‘wasn’t high’ then ending up spaced out, literally. Bike riding is great too and you can see the pretty tulip fields & windmills doing so. Make sure you visit at some point!


We did 2 weeks touring Italy a few years ago & while it was all incredible, Florence was the standout. It just has this magical quality to it that blends the hustle & bustle of Rome & Venice with the cultural background of a city like Paris. Even on the main strip in Florence, the restaurants feel homely & authentic! The museums & the Ponte Vecchio are breathtaking and full of insights into the feel of Italy as a country. We had a real laugh on the Ponte Vecchio as Matt got singled out by a performing mime who drew him into the centre of a huge crowd to have fun with him! By fun, we mean he got taken the piss out of (Matt always seems to get singled out to joke around with in any country we go to)! Our best experience in Florence though, was renting pushbikes & cycling up the hills around Florence until reaching a gorgeous village. It was a 6 hour bike ride that we planned ourselves & we’re both proud we made it! The scenery on the way up was something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. True Italian perfection!

Florence’s backstreets have so much character!

Angkor Wat

If you’ve ever been to Angkor Wat, you’ll understand why it’s on this list. If you haven’t, the sheer magnitude of the ancient city will blow your socks off! There are some serious sights to see as soon as you cross over one of the many bridges leading in. Which are all adorned with plenty of interesting statues). It’s no wonder parts of the original Tomb Raider movie were filmed here with the mythological looking settings. Sunrise was definitely the best part even if it required us to wake up at a horrible hour (4:30am)! As travel-cliche as it sounds, it’s the best sunrise we’ve ever seen & really worth setting the alarm for. To learn about the history of Angkor Wat was so interesting as it’s from such a long time ago! Although there are no positives about the Coronavirus, we were lucky to see it empty due to travel restrictions. The tour guides really make the experience incredible, they are so knowledgeable and enlightening about all of the history there!

Tubing in Vang Vieng

A very fun alcohol induced experience that we really couldn’t have enjoyed more. It was for Matt’s BDay celebrations so we had a ton of friends along for the ride which made it all the more special! We probably had one too many drinks as always but there was cause for the occasion just this once. The day itself is like being at a water park with stop offs on either side of the Mekong River at bars and new rides/attractions. The Tubing day on it’s own would’ve been fun but it made this list purely due to the brilliant company we had! If you’d like to know more about the tubing experience, check out our post on Vang Vieng here: https://maktravels.co.uk/2020/06/17/5-things-to-do-in-vang-vieng/

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Vang Vieng for more on Tubing there!

The People we Met!

So although this isn’t an experience like the rest of them, we had to put it on here! We were truly blessed with the people we met on our travels * we’ve kept in contact with them since coming back! Meeting great people really can change your entire travel time for the better and we can’t stress enough how important it is to socialise! We wanted to use our platform to shout out all of the amazing people that we met so here goes: We love you Jon & Bean, Maja & Eike, Sam & Jordan, Hope & Jordan and Amy & Ross! You all enriched our time so much & were eternally grateful!

Love all round!

Sunsets & Viewpoints

It’s a bit of a travel cliche to put these on here as they’re what most travellers search for but bloody hell most of them are brilliant! How can something so simple be so great? You really have to go and see them for yourselves to appreciate it! Some of our highlights were the sunset at Pai Canyon, the motorbike viewpoint in Vang Vieng and the Hai Van Pass. If we had to suggest one to visit if you haven’t seen any of them, we’d say the Vang Vieng one was our fave! Chilling with a good view is our favourite way to wind down after a long day of exploring & hiking. Check out the pics below to see what all the fuss is about!

The Colosseum (Rome)

Don’t hate us but we weren’t keen on Rome on the whole. There was no denying how amazing the Colosseum was though! You’ve seen it in pictures, shows or movies but nothing compares to seeing it in person. It’s just something else! The queues of course are horrific but that’s to be expected of somewhere so historic. Standing atop the highest section of the Colosseum truly transported us back to a time where we imagined watching the gladiators spar below!

Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride (Kraków)

We had a sick week in Kraków just a year into our relationship. It was the perfect insight into how well we’d travel together! Kraków itself it so beautiful and looks like something from a fairy-tale. We had a blast there & one thing we really loved was the Horse-Drawn carriage ride around the city! It was so cheap and really made us feel like princes! As Kraków isn’t a huge city, you see a ton of it while in the carriage which was great. We weren’t expecting Poland to be so hot in March but every day was 30 degrees or more. If we had to recommend a cheap European city break, it would be Kraków 100%! It’s got picturesque buildings & museums & a grand castle plus a ton to do so go visit!

We hope you enjoyed a little peek into Our 10 Best Travel Experiences! If you’ve visited/done any of them, please let us know in the comments below! Give us a follow on our socials below, we’d love to hear more from you there!

Stay Safe & Much Love,

Matt & Mik

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