An Epic Food Journey Through South-East Asia

Epic Food always on your mind? Don’t worry, we feel you!

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Hey everyone and welcome back to our blog! We’re massive foodies and love trying new things all over the world. Today we’ll be taking you through our most Epic Food Discoveries so get ready to drool. As always, check out our socials below for more like this:

Our Epic Food Discoveries

– Banh Mi –

We speak about Banh Mi a lot but it really is just the king (or queen) of sandwiches. We don’t know why it’s so good (it’s probably MSG) but it just is! Nothing beats tucking into a perfectly filled Banh Mi and the place that’s best for these is Banh Mi 25 in Hanoi. The flavour combos in most of their sandwiches will blow your mind, leaving you going back for more. It truly was the best Tofu we’ve ever eaten in our lives. Do not miss out on discovering this wonderful Vietnamese delicacy!

– Banh Xéo

Vietnamese Savoury Pancakes that are so damn good we’re thinking of booking a flight back right now! They’re a powerhouse of flavour and like Banh Mi can be filled with any different combo of fillings. Our advice is keep it simple and don’t over-complicate things as you can season to your own tastes with chilli/sauces etc. We recommend going for a mushroom, spring onion & beansprouts combo which will leave any veggie satisfied! If you’re a meat eater, we’ve been told Pork works really well in there too!

Epic Food - Banh Xéo
Our classic Banh Xeo, the whole thing was delicious!

Penang Curry –

A close relative of Thai Curries, this has a creamier flavour and sweeter disposition than it’s Thai counterparts. We’re not sure where it originated (Malaysia perhaps?) but it packs a delicious punch! Luckily, it can be found on most menus all over South-East Asia and we’d recommend it if you fancy a curry but don’t want too much spice. Pair it with some sticky rice for an indulgent dinner that will delight your tastebuds.

Epic Food - Penang Curry
This Penang Curry really stuck with us!

Great Tofu

This seems like an odd one for the list but we’ve never had good Tofu in the U.K. The texture or flavour is just always off at home (we also can’t cook it well sadly)! Asia definitely changed our minds on this though, we had some banging Tofu (particularly in Vietnam). It’s always cooked right, seasoned perfectly, swimming in a delicious sauce or packed with great veggies. We’ve been convinced it can be amazing and we encourage everyone to give it a go and see what they think!

White Roses –

Steamed Dumplings in a spicy plum sauce is our idea of heaven on any day of the week. So when we discovered White Roses in Vietnam, we were in heaven. They’re like dumplings on steroids, coated in the sauce but not soggy, seasoned but not overpowering. It’s a fine thing to tick all of the food boxes for us but these really did it! The downside is they only seem to be found in Hoi An in Vietnam. The upside is, now you have a reason to visit!

Epic Food - White Roses
White Roses in Hoi An, these were honestly incredible!

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Vietnamese Peanut Sauce –

It sounds gross but we could drink this stuff. It’s literally found in most parts of Vietnam and combines savoury, sweet & spicy all together in a fusion of tastiness. We had it with every meal we could which is probably why we put on weight in Vietnam (oops)! It was worth it though and we would do it all again for another taste. If anyone has the recipe, please send it to us!

– Egg Coffee –

In a word, YUM! Obviously it’s not suitable for our Vegan friends out there and we’re genuinely sorry for that. For everyone who can try it, it’s like drinking coffee flavoured custard. This might sound disgusting to some of you but hold up, we thought the same and it was unreal! Xiang or Giang Coffee Shops in Hanoi are the real deal for Egg Coffee and you need to check them out. They’re not something you’d have every day unless you’ve got a real sweet tooth but worth it as a treat!

7/11 Pao Buns –

So we all know about the traveller staple of 7/11 Toasties, which are blood great no lie! But something we discovered this time in Thailand were the Veggie Pao Buns and we’ve never looked back at our once beloved toasties. They’re a lot lighter to eat with some actual veggies inside & cheaper than the bloody toasties too! 7/11 does tend to do a lot of seasonal food so we don’t know if these will be a permanent fixture or not. Get on it though guys, you won’t be disappointed!

Russian Cheese Pastries –

Pretty strange to discover these in Vietnam but hey ho! We found a few Russian bakeries dotted around Vietnam but the number 1 was in Mui Ne. The pastries we covered in/filled with oozing cheese, herbs and spices and were bloody huge. The best part was, they cost 30,000 Dong per pastry (£1). There was literally nothing healthy about them but sometimes you’ve just gotta get that “bad” food haven’t you?

A Classic Pad Thai –

Possibly our most Epic Food Discovery in the whole list! We’d of course had a Pad Thai before but nothing compares to an authentic version when you’re in Thailand. We’re talking versions where the scrambled egg is laid over the noodles like a dome, mmm! It really is hard to find a bad Pad Thai to be honest, but not impossible. If you’ve never had a Pad Thai though, you’re missing out!

Epic Food - Pad Thai
This is the kind of Pad Thai we class as Epic Food!

– Ice Cream Rolls

We had to finish off with something sweet like a good meal should! These are the famous icy treats that are so often on Facebook/Instagram videos, being chopped up in tremendous speed. Their increasing popularity should tell you something; they taste extra scrumptious! Plenty of toppings are on offer with them, it’s up to you to decide how indulgent you want them to be. Lion Bars and Oreo’s with caramel sauce were our vibe though, chocolate goodness all around!

That wraps up our Epic Food Journey, we hope it’s been one hell of a ride! If you’ve enjoyed the post, be sure to give us a follow here and check out our socials below:

Stay Safe & Much Love,

Matt & Mik

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