Nha Trang – The Beach Lovers’ Paradise in Vietnam

Nha Trang is the beach-lovers’ paradise in Vietnam. You could easily spend days here just at the beach chilling. That’s a good thing though because apart from that, there’s not a whole lot to do.

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What To Do in Nha Trang

As stated above, there’s not a fat lot to do in Nha Trang. This won’t be a massive post due to that!

Vinpearl Land

A bloody massive amusement park with a water park and a ton of amazing rollercoasters! We figured this one needed to be broken down into a few different sections so that’s what we’ll do! Unfortunately we have no pictures whatsoever of the park, our phones were locked up all day. The only draw back to it is that it’s expensive for a ticket in. The tickets per person set us back £35 each.

The Water Park –

This wasn’t like your average water park, there was a huge amount of rides and attractions here! There were on the water assault courses, slides, rapids, drops, you name it! We went in a big group here and ended up spending 6 hours just at the water park alone! A highlight is definitely the kamikaze flumes, they’re a thrill-seekers delight. There’s nothing more of a hangover cure than being in the sunshine and being constantly splashed by water all day! Don’t do what we did though and stay here the whole day, there’s so much more to see.

The Amusement Park –

We definitely did ourselves dirty on this one as we only had 2 hours to go on the roller-coasters! There were some amazing coasters though and it will make you feel like a big kid (no matter your age)! The absolute must do, if you prefer the water rides like us, is to go on the Alpine Coaster. The views were absolutely next level, you go way above the park itself (at rapid speeds we might add)! We did miss out on some good coasters though as we arrived at VinPearl at midday and spent too long at the water park!

The Light Shows –

These were the highlight of the entire amusement park experience, no doubt about it! There’s shows every day, which include water light shows and a theatrical light show performance. The water light show is very impressive, how they synchronise them perfectly is beyond our comprehension! Get there a little early as seats go VERY quickly and you’ll want to be in the middle. This avoids the splash zone and gives you the best views! The truly incredible, unforgettable experience though, was the Theatrical Light Show. It’s live action, featuring hundreds of actors who perform a whole host of stuns in time with the lights. The makeup and special FX are out of this world, truly something special that we’ve never seen before! Everyone in the audience, from children to adults were in awe of how spectacular it was!

Nha Trang - VinPearl Land DarkNha Trang - VinPearl Land Light
A comparison of the light show at the castle in VinPearl Land.

Hit The Beach –

Unless you’re going to VinPearl Land, there really isn’t a lot to do. So why not hit the beach and get some rays? Nha Trang has some incredible weather, everyday was scorching, perfect for getting that Vitamin D! The beaches are pure-white soft sand and just a minute walk from a bunch of restaurants/bars. The waves are incredible here though and you’ll quickly get why it’s a hotspot for travellers and holidaymakers alike.

Nha Trang - Beach Sunrise
A gorgeous Sunrise we caught on the first morning we arrived in Nha Trang.

Splash out on a Hotel –

Nha Trang has some lovely modern hotels that are really cheap! As there’s not much to do, you’ll save money you’d normally spend on loads of activities. Paying out for a hotel with a gym worked well for us as it meant we could hit the gym to occupy ourselves! This’ll also mean you’ll get a great night sleep which you’ll be thankful for when you head to Ho Chi Minh. Plus the views from some of the tall hotels are really pretty (see below)!

Nha Trang - Hotel View
The infinity pool at our hotel with a nice sunset in the distance!

Visit Rainforest for Dinner –

Legit the most gorgeous restaurant we ate at on our travels. The food & drink were next level, as was the service! This place will really stick in your mind though as they have so many photo opps. There are netting floors overlooking the restaurant on higher levels and even slides down from each each floor! There’s free tea that they serve, which tastes delicious & you get as many refills as you like! It’s slightly pricier than your average restaurant but it’s worth it! Most of the menu is veggie & vegan which is a bonus too! So definitely check out this hidden gem when you’re in Nha Trang! Check it out here: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g293928-d12932567-r554501157-Rainforest-Nha_Trang_Khanh_Hoa_Province.html

How to Get To Nha Trang

Getting a night bus is your best bet wherever you’re coming from. The distance to Nha Trang is really long from Hoi An so wouldn’t be ideal to drive scooters to. Mui Ne is notorious for police pulling people over & fining them. Da Lat is quite mountainous & fairly dangerous on scooters. The night buses are cheap & comfortable in the South of Vietnam. They mostly have individual beds so you can nap pretty easily!

Nha Trang Itinerary

2 full days is enough if you’re in a hurry. If you want to relax, consider making it 4-5 days but be warned, unless you plan to spend every day at the beach, you’ll be tired!

We took a night bus from Hoi An which arrived at Nha Trang at 4:30am. Take our advice and DON’T catch this bus, it meant we were on the streets for 4 hours until our hostel allowed check-in. This also meant we lost out on an entire day pretty much due to tiredness.

Day 1: Arrive at Nha Trang, check in and hit the beach! Get some food near the beach then head to the mall at the centre. Evening 1: Don’t plan much for this, have a chill one!

Day 2: Get up early and get to VinPearl Land (opens at 9/10am) for a full day of fun! Don’t forget your swimming gear & sun scream! Evening 2: Hit the Alpine around 7pm for some UNREAL views! Stick around at VinPearl for the two amazing light & theatre shows which finish around 9pm.

Final Day: Get your bus outta there to either Mui Ne or Da Lat which aren’t too far!

Is Nha Trang Expensive?

Not really, no! We hardly spent anything in Nha Trang because we spent every day but one on the beach. If you’re on a budget of £30/40 a day like we were, you can actually have money left over here! Accommodation is fairly priced for hostels but the hotels are a real bargain for the features & comforts. Food is priced okay too but we recommend checking out the supermarkets to have some beach picnics, that’ll save you a ton!

We had a lovely time in Nha Trang, even if there wasn’t a lot to do! We’d definitely encourage travellers to visit there for a few relaxing days as nothing is stressful there!

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