Mui Ne – Spectacular Sun, Sea and Sand Dunes in Vietnam!

Mui Ne was one of the places we had the best experiences in all of Vietnam! It has a certain charm to it & it’s a fantastic place to meet loads of other like-minded travellers. We hope our guide to Mui Ne will prove useful to you!

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So let’s get straight into it!

What To Do in Mui Ne

The Fairy Stream

While Mui Ne is famous for it’s great sand dunes, this was actually what we enjoyed most! It’s just one of the most adorable places you can visit in Vietnam. The stream isn’t massive by any means, being about an hour to walk from one side to the other. You can expect to see shops & stalls along the stream (and even a few houses)! There lies some wonderful photo opportunities on the stream too, places where the sand dunes almost spill into the stream. Definitely best to visit on a really hot day (so pretty much any day in Mui Ne)!

Mui Ne - Fairy Stream 1Mui Ne - Fairy Stream 2

The White Sand Dunes

Exactly what most people visit Mui Ne for (in our experiences at least)! A natural marvel that provides true peace & tranquillity, where time almost seems to stand still. Ensure that you bring plenty of water here as the brilliant white dunes get scorching hot. We also recommend wearing some old clothes/shoes as sand WILL be all over you when you leave. Take our advice and don’t pay for the dune buggies, they’re mad expensive and the experience isn’t all that. Best to go here in the morning before the sun gets too hot!

The Red Sand Dunes

Another set of dunes which are unfortunately slightly less impressive than their white counterpart. The peaks are smaller, it’s way windier and there are thieves that operate here. You can hire giant pieces of plastic (basically a sand sledge) for about 20,000 Dong per sled. This is where the thieves come in, people that will offer to push you down the dunes while really being after your valuables. Be very careful here! Should you visit these dunes, do so for sunset, it was the saving grace here!

The Floating Fishing Village

A cool little network of fishing boats and huts that hug the beach most days. We saw some odd stuff while we were there, dead marine life, a ton of plastic waste but also an unbreakable spirit of the fishermen. It’s a great way to see what life is like for the locals here and can be visited on the full day tour in which we’ll mention next!

Mui Ne - Fishing Village
A great view from the road near the Fishing Village.

The Full Day Tour

In this full day tour, you’ll visit The Fairy Stream, both White & Red Sand Dunes and the Fishing Village. This is an ideal way to see all of this as you don’t have to risk riding a scooter to all of these places, some of which are fairly far out. It’s also only 80,000 Dong (£2.50-ish) for a ticket per person from the Mui Ne Hills chain of hostels, so no complaints! Bring some snacks though as nothing is provided and it’s a long day, leaving at 10am and getting back at 6pm.

Life’s a Beach

Life’s definitely a beach in Mui Ne, there are idyllic beaches everywhere! Sadly, when we were there, the beaches were totally blocked from access due to Coronavirus restrictions. It really sucked but we could see the sand and smell the sea air and it was glorious! On a normal day in Mui Ne, there are activities like Surfing, Paddle Boarding and Kite-Surfing to take part in. From what we saw, it was enough to make us wanna go back to Mui Ne just for the beaches!

Stay at Mui Ne Hills Backpackers & Party!

We’re normally totally against party hostels but this one was a great laugh! There’s a whole host of games played daily to keep you entertained. These include: Volleyball (on sand or in water), Pillow-Fights, Snooker, Dance Offs & more! A really great thing about this place is that there’s a ton of different room options, some right near the bars & some far away from them. This means that you can be in the action in seconds or sleep far enough away to not hear it at all! We had an absolute blast in the pool wrestling competition, the winner of which got a beer tower. Sadly, we didn’t win or even come close, in fact, we both went out in our first rounds haha! Stay here in you want a wild time!

Eat at the Russian Bakery

This holds a special place in our heart because it has the best pastries ever! That’s a bold statement, we know, but take our word for it. Located in the alleyway leading from the main road to Mui Ne Hills/Mad Monkey Bar. Blink and you could miss it, so keep your eyes peeled and your nostrils flared! Take our advice and get the cheese pastry (probably had a more elaborate name but we dunno). For something so simple, they are ridiculously tasty (and probably mad unhealthy). Needless to say, when we begged for the recipe, the owner wouldn’t give it to us.

These pastries were SO good!

Our Perfect Mui Ne Itinerary

We advise spending 3 days in Mui Ne to experience it all fully. You could stretch to 4 if you love the vibe of it though!

Day 1:

If you get the morning bus from Nha Trang, you should arrive in Mui Ne at midday-ish. This gives you some time to check-in, get some lunch, then check out the beach!

Evening 1:

Check out the Mad Money Bar for some dinner (super cheap and tasty) and a night of partying around Mui Ne Hills!

Day 2:

Wake up early and book on to a day tour to see the Fairy Stream, Sand Dunes & Fishing Village. This will take you up to the evening!

Evening 2:

Chill and prepare yourself for another day of partying or at the beach.

Day 3:

Have a day of partying at Mad Monkey Bar, playing games, or a beach day. Wear lots of sunscreen though as Mui Ne is roasting hot!

Evening 3:

Carry on the partying or get an early night for your journey to Ho Chi Minh city tomorrow! When you wake up tomorrow, get yourself some treats from the Russian Bakery (YUM)!

How to Get to Mui Ne

Buses are the safest, cheapest option. They cost so little and remove the risk of getting fined for driving scooters into Mui Ne. The police are super hot on tourists driving scooters everywhere in Mui Ne so be careful if you do! The bus from Nha Trang cost about £7 per person.

Is Mui Ne Expensive?

Mui Ne was incredible cheap overall, from accommodation to food to activities. The full day tour costs 80,000 Dong (£2.50) per person which doesn’t include food, drink or extras. The hostel we stayed in was Mui Ne Hills Budget Hostel and we paid £11 a night for a literal apartment (which was amazing)! It was great to have some privacy and it was so cheap for the size of it. We stayed well under our budget of £40 a day in Mui Ne.

So that wraps up our guide to Mui Ne, we hope it’s been helpful to you in some way! If you have any recommendations for other things to do in Mui Ne, please let us know in the comments!

As Always, Stay Safe & Much Love,

Matt & Mik

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