How to Make your Journey from Vietnam into Cambodia Breezy

Getting into Cambodia from Vietnam was actually pretty pain free. The journey is very long and took us 10-11 hours from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh, so snacks are essential.

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First things first, we have to recommend TheSinh Tourist: for great service! They made the entire process so easy and quick. The company has an office in Ho Chi Minh, located on Duong De Tham, just near 23/9 Park. There’s a few options for your trip into Cambodia, with departure times and prices varying. We’ll break down the prices below and what they get you.

If you’re curious about the border crossing process for other countries, check out our post below:

Price Breakdown

The price of a ticket from Ho Chi Minh, getting into Cambodia (with border crossing included) is $30. This is a great price for so long a journey and may seem tempting at first. Don’t be fooled though, we recommend the $36 dollar option instead, in which you pay the bus guide $6. Pay this extra $6 and the guide will fill out your VISA applications for you (this saves TONS of time). Time is key at the crossing as the bus will only wait so long for you! A couple of our pals were 30 seconds from missing their bus at the border, so it really is no joke! Apart from the VISA process, the border crossing is actually very simple. One of the easiest countries you’ll enter on your travels. We’d recommend taking the early bus when getting into Cambodia as this will give you time to grab dinner on arrival.

What to Expect from the Journey

No two journeys will ever be the same, but, it always helps to know what you’re getting into. As stated above, the journey is around the 10-11 hour mark and isn’t the most comfortable. Upright seats, no recline, not much in terms of luxury. It’s a world away from the glorious bed buses of Vietnam, with no privacy at all, just a regular, old bus. The journey is very uneventful and boring too, there’s not much in terms of scenery you’ll get too look at. A couple of stops will be made for toilet breaks luckily.

We’ve made a little list below for what you’ll need to make the journey ideal:

A fully charged phone – Ideally equipped with a downloaded Apple Music/Spotify playlist OR some movies/series’ downloaded on Netflix etc.

A neck pillow – Can’t stress this enough, the seats are fully upright and uncomfortable AF.

A big bottle of water – Don’t drink it too quickly though, the bus has no toilets.

Snacks – There’s a couple of stops for food/drink but they’re bloody expensive. One of them only serves meat too, so be careful our Veggie/Vegan friends.

Cambodia is SO worth a visit for scenes like this!

Extra Advice

We can’t stress enough to be super careful with your stuff in Phnom Penh. As soon as we got out of the bus, we were surrounded by people offering us taxis/TukTuk’s but getting VERY close when doing so. There’s a lot of theft in Phnom Penh from what we’ve heard too (luckily it didn’t happen to us). Rather than waiting till you get to your destination to find and book a hostel, book it beforehand! Do this and you’ll cut out all the stress of finding the right one. If you’re heading to Phnom Penh, we are obliged to recommend Billabong Hostel.

It’s a bloody great hostel and somewhere you can spend a ton of time in Phnom Penh. You’ll gave an immense time there in the pool and it has some of THE best food in all of Phnom Penh.

Another tip we have was for the ATM’s in Phnom Penh (and Cambodia in general). There’s a couple of Canadian Banks in Cambodia that have lower charges than the rest of the ATM’s there. They also allow you to take out a higher sum of money, meaning less worry about constant withdrawal charges.

So that wraps up our guide to Getting into Cambodia. We really hope you’ll find some use for it when the world returns to normality and we can travel again!

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