How to Take Better Photos as a Couple!

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Taking better photos as a couple is something we often see asked over social media to media influencers and they always give out solid advice. We get this question a lot and to be honest, it’s a journey. We were absolutely crap at first; having no idea where to stand, pulling awkward poses and often being embarrassed by having our photo taken altogether. So we’re here to share with you what we have learnt during our time and hopefully this can help you take better and amazing photos as a couple!

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Tip 1: Get comfy in front of the camera!

Now this is something you may probably roll your eyes at. But let us talk you through it. The best way to get comfy is to just do it. You don’t have to go out and practise in public at all, you could set your camera or phone on your tripod or a side at home and just practise posing. Find your natural rhythm and experiment with intimate poses etc. Do this everyday for ten days and compare your tenth day photos to your first. You’ll see an improvement just within this small time frame, you’ll know your go to poses, your angles and what makes you look amazing!

This is the same for speaking into the camera. You don’t have to post anything just keep your vids so you can compare you first day speaking into the camera to your tenth day. Then once you’ve completed this, go out and do it in public. Build that confidence and soon you’ll find yourself not giving a shit!

Tip 2: Know your camera settings

You don’t have to own a DSLR or fancy ass camera for this. This can be for those that just own a smartphone too! Simply get to know your camera settings and you’ll find your couple photos popping straight away. Read the instruction manual, watch YouTube vids and read blogs. There are countless educational resources out there for you to get know how best to use your camera. With your smartphone there are always hints and tips out there showing you how to change certain settings such as ISO and your F-Stop; which can seriously change how your photo comes out. Once your confident with how to change your settings you can quickly set this up and get snapping, without the added pressure of changing all this.

Tip 3: Tripod

Getting a tripod will be the best thing you do. We take it almost everywhere with us, because you simply can not rely on getting your friends to take photos exactly how you want them. If your friends aren’t into photography, they’ll just point and shoot and won’t really have a good eye for composition or angles, no matter how good you set up the settings in camera, you could end up with a series of shite pictures (we’ve been there, no offence friends if you’re reading this). A tripod will allow you to set up the angles and composition and allow you to run into position and take the dreamy photos you’ve always wanted!

Tip 4: Experiment with Photo Compositions

Just a simple experiment here. This would obviously depend on what type of photo you are after, your setting, backdrop and details in the photo. We recommend getting a changeable camera lens so you can do just that, start off with an 18-55mm which can give you a good range of depth. Get low, use your natural surroundings, use a puddle reflection and get comfy with having a foreground. Have fun and remember you can never take enough photos, its always better to have too many than not enough.

Tip 5: Mix up your poses in Photos

So you’re in a pretty location with amazing views, your camera is set up to capture an amazing photo and fingers crossed there’s no one around to spoil the fun. Now just have fun, set your camera to take a continuous amount of photos so you can stay in position and mix up your poses! Taking 10-20 pics of the same pose will more often than not just clog up your memory card. So move around, have a little dance and throw in a couple of different poses. When you go through your pics, we bet you, the one you think will never work will actually turn out to be the best one in there.

Tip 6: Tell a Story

Have a concept for your shoots, not all of them, but some of them. Stories sell. Get visual and creative, edit to suit the mood, add textures and experiment with lighting. Always give a little prose with each picture. People follow you because they want to get to know you, so allow them too!

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Tip 7: Golden Hour

This is something a lot of photographers and influencers live for. Golden hour are those spots just after sunrise and just before sunset, where the sun gives off a beautiful radiant glow, the light is soft, shadows are formed and played with. A lot of popular spots are often crawling with photographers, Instagrammers and Influencers during these hours (sunrise is typically quieter as people don’t want to wake up for this one), so you can find yourself surrounded, but sometimes this can be worth it. Getting your lighting right can be the most important thing you do as a photographer.

Tip 8: Editing your Photos

One thing we’ve heard in the past is ‘No one can be a bad photographer, but you can always be a terrible editor’. It’s kinda true. We’ve seen pictures on Instagram and other socials where someone has taken a lovely photo, but ruined it by over editing. Now this would depend on your personal style (we prefer more of a natural edit), but how you edit can always make or break your photo. It will take time to get to know how to edit, we are still learning so much stuff, but once you hit that level of confidence with editing programmes you’ll have the best time getting creative and fine tuning your pics to the point that they are only amazing!

We always use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for editing our pictures for Instagram. Play around with the settings so you get to know how they affect your pictures and get to know how they work, trust us, you won’t regret it!

PS – Lightroom has a free version and an App, so you can do mostly everything on there for free (You’ll need to pay to use Selective, Healing and Geometry features) and You have to sign up for Photoshop!

So there you have it guys! These are just eight tips that can help you take better photos as a couple! We wanted to give you a range of advice rather than just stating what poses you can do; to give you an opportunity to try and give at least one of these pointers a go; even if it is just playing around with your iPhone camera settings! It’s always a good idea to try something new and attempt to learn a new skill; learning is the best things we can do!

Let us know how you get on with these tips, follow us on Instagram @maktravels_ to inform us!

We hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of love,

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