Tips You NEED to Get Healthier on a Budget

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Getting healthier on a budget can be difficult, especially when you don’t know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve been broke and unemployed since returning to the UK back in April 2020. Fortunately for us we have enough savings to tide us by in this hopefully short period. Over the past few months we have had no choice but to become frugal and savvy when it comes to our spending habits. We have accumulated some good tips for ourselves and want to share these with you. Since COVID, our situations have all changed, money is tight for everyone, unless your Jeff Bezos of course and these tips will help you reel in your spending habits and hopefully save you some money down the line AND get you healthier!

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So lets get to it guys!

Workout for free!

Yes you can. All you need is self discipline. Ditch that expensive gym membership which you probably don’t use enough to get your moneys worth. Invest in some inexpensive home dumbells/bands/mats etc and workout from the comfort of your own home. YouTube is your best friend here, there are thousands of free workout vids on there which accommodate for all skill levels. We know this can be difficult on some days. There are times which we have even said ‘We’d love to go to the gym’, but at this present moment it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make. Not only does YouTube have gym style workouts on there, but they have Yoga, HIIT, Meditations and anything you can think of! So get creative with your workouts, just make sure to plan a couple weeks of activities to keep you on track and accountable for your actions!

Drink Tap Water

Ditch the plastic. Water companies don’t produce water, they produce plastic and that’s all you’re paying for. BIGGEST CON OF THE CENTURY. You already pay for water access to your home so take advantage of that. Don’t like water? Try adding inexpensive supermarket brand fruit juice to your tap water and it will go down easier. Forget the fizzy sugar laden energy drinks and and pure orange juices, this is just liquid glucose and it will more than likely be converted into fat molecules.

Buy Frozen

Frozen produce such a fruit and veg often come in bigger quantities and half the price. There is no nutritional difference (sometimes healthier) and will not usually affect your meals, depending on what you’re cooking. So invest in a freezer full of veggies and you’ll never have an excuse to not cook them! They will also save you time and money heading to the supermarket every other day to get those fresh bags of spinach.

Prep your healthy meals

You must of heard people from colleagues, to influencers online saying they did their food prep last night and this is a great way to organise your food and kick start healthy eating habits. Before you go food shopping sit down and organise your meals for the next week. Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners and Snacks. From this, write a shopping list and stick to it. This will also lead to less impulse buys, saving you money. Once you’ve shopped just allocate one afternoon/evening prepping your lunches and dinners for the week. Although this may take a few hours depending on what you’re cooking, it’ll save you money and calories throughout the week! You’ll be less likely to stray to a take away.

And other tip here is if you can avoid it, don’t take your wallet to work, office spending and popping to get a coffee on the way can quickly drain you bank balance, keeping you healthier on a budget.

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Avoid Fast Food

Not only can this be grossly overpriced, but they can destroy your health too, when eaten too often of course. Again, prep your meals and plan your diet so you’re less likely to stray. It is okay to treat yourself every now and again though, but maybe keep this down to once a fortnight if you’re trying to save the pennies too!

Skip Boozy Weekends

Sometimes this can’t be avoided due to social events. Not that these are happening at the present moment (November 2020) anyway. But limit your alcohol intake as much as possible, stop drinking at home just for the sake of it as alcohol as we all know, is just empty calories and can seriously add to that muffin top! Plus it’s an expensive habit to have! You mental health will benefit from less alcohol too, as alcohol is a depressant. Steer clear of this and you’ll be reaping the rewards before you know it!

Switch Supermarkets

If you’re a Tesco/Waitrose lover like us, you’ll know just how expensive it can be to shop there. I know, you love it there and you wouldn’t want to switch because you know the ‘quality’ is good and you wouldn’t be seen dead in a Lidl. But guess what. You’re paying hundreds of pounds more a month to a supermarket that wouldn’t miss you if you stopped shopping there. So swallow your pride and get yourself down to your nearest Aldi/Lidl/Netto and make the change. Your wallet will thank you. We’ve been saving nearly £50 a week from switching supermarkets and that’s just a food shop for two people! Imagine a family of four?

PS – the food quality is more or less the same, sometimes even better! Stop buying branded stuff for the sake of it being branded, if you want to save your pennies try a cheaper brand and you’ll be surprised!

Make a food Diary

This one can be quite challenging, but it is really like holding up a mirror to yourself. Taking accountability for what you are eating is probably one of the best things you can do. There are also apps out there such as My Fitness Pal, which you can do this on and it will show you all of your macros and you can set your goals on there too! It will help you stick to your food goals and help you save money too!

So there we have it guys, eight simple tips to help you get healthier on a budget. There is no technical advice here as we’re all different and live very different lives, so giving out our general tips will be something that hopefully you can apply! Fingers crossed this advice will get you healthier on a budget!

Have you got any tips for us? Let us know in the comments section below! And don’t forget to subscribe!

Thanks and with love,

Matt and Mik xxx

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