Tips You NEED to stay Positive during a Lockdown

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Being positive during a lockdown can be challenging. Trust us, we’re going through our second one. We sometimes sit there and discuss ‘what if’ situations all the time. For instance, ‘What if Covid never happened?’, ‘Well we would be living in Australia living our best lives, but low and behold, we’re here’. Then all of a sudden depression and reality can slap you in the face. What we must take from this though is that our lives haven’t ended, instead they have just been put on the back burner for a little while. We have tried and tested tips during our first lockdown and are somewhat perfecting them during this second one. But we are only human and can easily fall off track. We and you are not perfect.

Thanks again for taking the time to read our post about Trying to Stay Positive During a Lockdown. As you may know by now we’re Matt and Mik, a travel and lifestyle couple who want to share our world with you. We have more tips and tricks about lockdown here too: Great Things to do in Quarantine

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So what to do when our governments have closed all non essential shops, banned us from socialising and seeing our loved ones and advising us to stay indoors most of the time. Well there actually isn’t much to do. But how we spend our time here can be key. Staying Positive is key. So let’s get to our tips!

Lockdown isn’t forever

Just remember guys, it is only temporary! Like we suggested earlier, it isn’t the be all and end all of our lives. It’s just a hiccup in our lives and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just remember we are all in this fight together and we simply just have to go with it, think of it as a ‘vacation from reality’ if that makes sense.

Reap the end reward of Lockdown

Ever worked so hard for something just to see the end product? Worked overtime for that extra cash to buy something you so desperately wanted? That’s kind of like what we are doing now. We are working, so hard to try and beat this virus. At the end of it, the reward will be so much sweeter, that dinner with friends, hugging your parents or going back to the office will be so much sweeter. So focus on the outcome, plan gatherings, days out or stay-cations for when this ends. They will give you something to look forward too, making passing the time easier.

Try to stay healthy in Lockdown

Eating crap food and drinking lots of alcohol can really throw you back a few steps. Not only can they throw you in a state of depression but they can also put you in a horrible cycle of doing it all over again. So ditch the alcohol and chinese food and get drinking water and home cooked healthy dinners. The cooking will help pass the time too and you’ll feel so much better for it!

Set a Goal

Now is your time to achieve something and it can be the smallest thing such as ‘de-cluttering your wardrobe’ or ‘setting up a side hustle’. Not only will these things give you something to look forward to, some of the smaller things can give you that ‘instant gratification’ we humans sometime need. Read a book, loose two pounds, redecorate the bathroom, teach your dog a new trick, learn a new skill, sign on for a course or learn a new language. The world is your oyster here and there are so many you and we can do.

Avoid the news/social media

This one is self explanatory. Don’t get overwhelmed with what is going on. Although it is good to keep up to date on things, we wouldn’t recommend over indulging in the news cycles, we also wouldn’t recommend going down a social media rabbit hole either. These can be just as toxic. We have often switched between apps, liking photos, commenting on memes and relentlessly watched videos. Next thing you know three hours have gone by and nothing has been achieved, another waste of an afternoon. Now sometimes and probably rarely, this can be needed to just escape reality for a while. But try not to let it happen everyday.

Enjoy the little things

You got out of bed today, Amazing! Got dressed? Incredible! Made a good breakfast, even better! Didn’t cry today? You’re doing beautifully. We really should now more than ever appreciate these little things, they will give us those small accomplishments we humans crave. Just take a note of them everytime they happen, or reassess your day before getting into bed, you’re doing more than you think you are and you need to recognise that!

Construct your days

Plan, Plan, Plan. Organise your days, give yourself something to do each day and plan this a week/month ahead. It will put some meaning back into your days and actions. Not that your days were meaningless before, because you matter. This is just another tip to help you get motivated and not slip down a negativity rabbit hole. So make a soup from scratch or paint that mirror frame.


So we all know that exercise releases happy chemicals that make us feel better. During this time it can be difficult to do such a thing, gyms and all sports venues are closed so we only have the option to exercise outdoors or on our bedroom floors. We’ve struggled with this as we are usually gym goers. But we force ourselves to stay fit, even if it is just a brisk walk in the morning to help start our day, something is better than nothing. If you can go outside for exercise we highly recommend it, getting out the house if you can is a must! Try something gentle to start with, daily stretching, dancing or yoga.


You are not alone! Our mental health is one of the most important things we can take care of right now. So let’s make use of the incredible services we have at the palm of our hands. Pick up the phone and talk to your relatives and friends, text back and keep the conversation going. We need to stay connected more than ever right now and talking can simply help relieve our stress and loneliness.

If you are struggling there are helplines readily available. You really are not alone during this time and with the festive season quickly approaching we know this can be a double whammy on our mental health.

So there we have it guys! Some simple and straightforward pointers to help us stay positive during lockdown. We hope these tips can help you get out of that negative mindset and back into a constructive, positive and healthy frame of mind. We are all in this together and together we can finally overcome it all. December will be a great month for the UK.

Stay safe and with love,

Matt and Mik xx

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