The BEST Things to See and Experience in London

London has some absolutely magnificent sights and attractions, with new things to discover all the time! You’ll never be able to see it all, even if you’ve lived here for years. So we’ve made a compilation of our favourite things to do! So if you’re based in the U.K, why not check these spots out when Lockdown ends?

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So lets dive right in and see what London has to offer!

Tower Bridge

It’s a classic and definitely our most touristy spot on this list! It truly is marvellous though, regardless of how well known it may be. The reason it’s on here is for the ‘secret’ spot on the bank of the Thames where you can get fantastic shots of the bridge! It’s a little alleyway entrance with some steps up and down onto the bank from Shad Thames (the street). Shad Thames has some great little shops too and a few nice restaurants etc. It’s only about a 10 minute walk from Tower Bridge station which is ideal! We hope you’ll enjoy the shots below, the sky was incredible on this day!

Tower Bridge - Thames Bank
The great ‘secret’ spot near Tower Bridge. We’re lucky it was such a lovely day!

Ham House (Richmond)

The most lovely little National Trust site that we’ve found around London! Based in Richmond, about a 40 minute walk from the station (not an issue though as Richmond is beautiful)! During the pandemic, the House is unfortunately closed due to restrictions but the Gardens remain open for a small £5 fee. The Gardens are always the best bit about National Trust places in our opinion anyway! We hope you’ll see why from some of the pictures we’ve added below. It was super quiet when we went last month so perfect for anyone who’s all about their space during the pandemic. You’ll need to book tickets in advance with a time slot (although this isn’t strict).

Ham House - Richmond
We had a lovely day out at the start of October at the magnificent Ham House!

Pergola Hill & Gardens (Hampstead Heath)

We’d actually never heard of or visited these until very recently but they certainly didn’t disappoint! A charming, unique little spot in Hampstead Heath that is well worth a visit. The gardens are incredibly well kept, there’s plenty of space to explore and maintain social distancing. To top it all off though, it’s completely free with no booking required! It’s roughly a 30 minute walk from Hampstead Heath Station and VERY hilly so be prepared for that. We can only imagine how spectacular it would be during the spring with all of the flowers in bloom! It is spectacular this time of year, though, with all of the Autumnal colours still lively!

Uber Boat Journey on the Thames

So this one sounds a bit strange but stick with us! It’s £9 for a trip that takes you to see all of the top tourist attractions in London (from afar though sadly). There are three different routes that you can take; Yellow, Purple and Green. We’d recommend the Purple route as it includes the most main sights and even goes as far as North Greenwich for the Emirates Air Line. It’s a fun way to see the sights without having to pay the entrance fees. You can still of course get the iconic pictures from the boat too, or get off at your chosen stop! North Greenwich can be a bit long to get to on the tube from central London so that may be a good one to choose!

You can check out the routes and prebook the Uber Boat here:

We hope you’re enjoying the post so far! As this is a super positive post, we just wanted to drop a link to our YouTube video on our best travel experiences here:

River Thames Walk

So if you’re not keen on getting the Uber Boat, why not take a stroll along the Thames instead? You can hit most of the sights up if you start from Tower Bridge station and do a big loop. We’d recommend walking to the Millennium Bridge which leads to St. Paul’s Cathedral, a fantastic sight with some lovely gardens just off of it! You can then walk on from here to Big Ben which is also across from the London Eye. Sadly at the moment, Big Ben has a bunch of scaffolding around it due to renovation works leaving no opportunity for great shots. Still definitely worth a look though in our opinion!

London Eye ShotMillennium Bridge Shot

Chill in St. James’ Park

One of the best things about a Park in the current pandemic is that they’re a great place to unwind away from home. No worries of Social Distancing as St. James’ is bloody massive so you’d be hard pressed to be within 2 metres of someone else! Of course, the weather at the moment is far from ideal but if you wrap up warm, it’s a great spot for a long walk. There are tons of Geese and birds that inhabit the Park and water within it which is always cute. Keep an eye on the geese though as they do tend to get a bit rowdy!

Soho Square

Now this one isn’t applicable for a while yet. This mainly comes into play during the summer months, being one of the perfect spots in London to have drinks outside with friends. If you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, or an ally, we can’t stress enough how great it is during Pride. The atmosphere around Soho during Pride really is at it’s best, full of drunk revellers. We can’t say for sure whether Pride will happen next year though due to the Pandemic as it really encourages people to mix and be super close together. Check it out when Lockdown ends as it’s super close to Carnaby Street which is full of Festive Cheer this time of year!

Neal’s Yard

Based in Covent Garden, this is one of the most colourful spots in all of London! Most of the buildings in this little spot are all different shades of pastel colours, so it really brings some vibrancy to Central London. It’s a great place to get a coffee or stop for lunch if you’re having a day out in London. There are some fantastic restaurants and shops around Neal’s Yard so it makes for a cute little shopping day too! We’ve definitely been way too drunk in one of the little wine bars there around Christmas one too many times! Definitely worth a look for a quirkier side of London!

Looking for more from us? If you’re a budding Travel Couple like us, check out our tips below on how to take better shots as a couple:

We really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and maybe found some new spots or hidden wonders! Let us know if you’ve ever been to the ‘secret’ Tower Bridge spot we mentioned near the top. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

Stay Safe & Much Love,

Matt & Mik x

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