Tips to Help YOU Sleep Better at Night

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Sleep eludes us all at the best of times and lockdown has emphasised that a ton. In today’s world of constant technology and blue light, our brains find it hard to process and rest. So we’ve compiled some of our tips to help you sleep better at night, they really work!

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Let’s get into it!

Turn all Screens OFF an hour or two before Bedtime!

We can’t stress enough how important this one is! We’d be constantly on our phones at the start of lockdown and had many a sleepless night because of it. It’s so much harder for your brain to relax if it’s being bombarded with blue light right up until you close your eyes! Of course, it’s hard to put the phone down as it’s our literal connection to the entire world and social media is so big. You’ll notice a massive difference in your sleeping patterns if you just do something slightly less technology oriented before trying to sleep though! Which leads on perfectly to our next point:

Read More at Night!

Reading is one of the best ways to relax at night and is definitely more productive than most things social media can bring! We don’t read every single night but the ones that we do, we tend to get a much better sleep. Getting to sleep easier and having an uninterrupted night is the dream for everyone isn’t it? There are sooo many great books out there that even if you’re not into reading (like Mik wasn’t) there’ll be something for you! Now we know that not everyone won’t be able to put down their phones, so check the next one out:

Set a Night Mode Timer on your Phone

Most big Phone companies nowadays have this helpful option to reduce the strain on the eyes that blue light causes. Night Mode changes it to a yellow light which is way easier on the eyes and tricks the brain into feeling more calm (at least it does that for us!?). Setting an auto timer from 9-10pm to 8am is a great way to remember this every night and allow your eyes to chill! It also means if you’re someone who wakes up and goes straight on their phone, you’re not looking straight at harsh light.

Listen to some ASMR

If you’re gonna be on your phone at night, why not do something to help you sleep? We realise most people won’t have heard of or listened to ASMR but it’s out there on YouTube and super relaxing! It won’t work for everyone, as ASMR is the sensation you get from certain sounds or words (and a whole lot else). This being said, there’s nothing more relaxing for us personally than chilling in the evening with some ASMR in the background! We’ve done a whole post on ASMR, so go and check it out for some inspiration on where to start:

Get some Exercise in

Being active throughout your days whenever possible is a great way to release surplus energy and help you sleep! We find that if we don’t do anything physical in the day, it’s much harder to sleep. Long walks are perfect for this as you’re not gonna be looking at your screen the whole time and it’s generally the easiest form of exercise. But this all depends on you of course.


So one of the easiest ways to do this is meditation, yoga, stretching. But if you don’t feel like this is for you then one of the best things we can suggest is by putting on fresh, crisp sheets because there’s nothing better! After doing this, take a hot shower or bath and get yourself clean. Not only will the hot water help relax your muscles, but the sensation of being clean, getting into fresh sheets and relaxing this way is just unbeatable! Honestly, try this one day and we guarantee you, you will fall asleep faster than a baby!

Let it all go!

We all have stressful days, some are worse than others and sometimes there’s nothing we can do about it. Worst of all, we often keep it all up inside. Letting go of these thoughts and feelings is essential to getting a better nights sleep. So pick up the phone, vent to someone you trust, or talk to your partner/flatmate etc. If none of these are possible, then write them down. Honestly, letting out all that stress will instantly make you feel better and will put a stop to your brain over analyzing the situation when we’re trying to get some shut eye!

Essential Oils

Okay, now this one may be cheesy and could be complete nonsense. What we have found though, ever since being gifted a lavender oil roll on for our pressure points is that it really does help us to relax. Now we now Lavender has often been hailed as a sleeping aid, and some may disagree. But we definitely look forward to putting this on every night now, there is just something about the scent, right?

So that concludes our tips to help you get a better sleep at night! We hope you’ve found some of them useful! If you’ve never tried any of them out before or do them all the time, let us know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read another of our posts 🙂 Have a great day!

Stay Safe & Much Love,

x Matt & Mik x

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