Who We Are

Matt & Mik

Travel Enthusiasts

Hey! We’re Matt & Mik, a couple who are eager to explore the vast beauty and culture that this wonderful earth has to offer. Eco-Friendly, Vegetarian and Animal Lovers!

So earlier this year we both decided to quit our jobs, pack our backpacks and leave sunny London to go and travel and see the world before Global warming gobbles it all up. Why now? Well we’re both 27 and worked in full time corporate jobs. We hated it. There was no fulfilment, no joy and no real sense of achievement. We both longed for something that would make us better, encourage us to push goals and grow, luckily Matt had savings and Mik had a payout from a previous job which gave us enough money to last us for a while and that’s when we decided that travelling the world would never be an option to us again and we decided to take the plunge and buy a one way ticket to Bangkok.

Of course we were both nervous, it was unsettling and a big wide world out there. On our first day in Bangkok we exhausted ourselves and almost cried because we felt so small in a world that didn’t know we existed, that and also no sleep and severe jet lag! But we pushed through the emotional stress and before we knew it, we found ourselves settling into the swing of travelling, we found our feet and were raring to go.

We never thought our travels would bring us to this point, but we had seen so much and felt an urge to share our journey with not only friends and family, but a wider world, a world where we are connected more than ever and a world where we all share the same journey.

So we have created this blog to document our travels and hopefully to give some advice & inspiration to anyone looking to begin their travels so please get in touch if you have any questions on anything you see within our posts.

We are by no means professional (yet!) and all the pictures from our recent travels were shot on iPhones (7 & 8+) but we’ve recently invested in an iPhone 11 Pro to improve our shots and content. We’re also looking to get a DSLR Camera in the coming months. If you are reading this then please get in touch and recommend some good photography kits and tools!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, it means the world that we can share the world with you!